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There’s something new at HardWin Adventures this year. We are putting on the first CheNarr adventure race and rogaine. So what is an adventure race (AR)? And what is a rogaine? First of all, both adventure races and rogaines are navigation-based races. That means that this course is not going to be marked like a typical HardWin ultra. Racers will be given a map, will need a compass, and will be attempting to find as many checkpoints as possible. The CheNarr Adventure Race is a 12-hr event that includes mountain or gravel biking, kayaking and trekking to find checkpoints in the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area and in Narrows of the Harpeth State Park. Traditionally in an AR, racers compete in co-ed teams of three or four racers that travel together along the entire course from point to point. For the CheNarr, two person teams, same gender teams and solo racers are also acceptable. We put this race on to start bringing AR and Rogaine races to the Nashville area. They are a ton of fun. So lets get started building this new type of endurance race to our community!

The CheNarr rogaine is a shorter, 6-hr trekking event in the Cheatham. The rogaine will also be a team-based event, but solos will be welcome just like the AR.

For both races, most checkpoints (CPs) are optional. Essentially, whoever makes it back to the start having visited the most checkpoints wins. If there is a tie, finishing time is used as a tiebreaker. There are penalties for being late. Arriving after the race finish time is a penalty of 1 CP, and teams will lose an additional CP for each additional five minutes that pass after the cut-off time. So don’t be late. 😉

Still don’t get it? Look over the details below and check out this explanation from the US Adventure Racing Association US that explains what an adventure race is, or head over to orienteering USA to find out what a rogaine is.


Race Date: August 19th 2023
Start Location: 2150 Sams Creek Road, Pegram, TN 37143
AR Race Course: Unmarked course that includes mountain biking and trekking in the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area and kayaking on the Harpeth River at Narrows of the Harpeth State Park
Rogaine Course: Unmarked trekking course in Cheatham Wildlife Management Area
Price: 12-hr AR - $165 per racer
6-hr Rogaine - $50 per racer

Schedule for 12-hr AR:
Friday, August 18th
• 6PM – 8PM – Check-in open - bike drop available at the race start.
• Camping available at the start line

Saturday, August 19th
• 5:00 AM – Race Check-in
• 5:30 AM – Pre-race briefing
• 6:00 AM – Race Start
• 6:00 PM – Race cut-off time – all racers must be finished.
• 6:30 PM – Awards Ceremony

Schedule for 6-hr Rogaine:
• 9:30 AM – Race Check-in opens
• 10:30 AM – Pre-race briefing
• 11:00 AM – Race Start
• 5:00 PM – Race cut-off time
• 4:30 PM – Awards Ceremony

Stuff To Know


One GPS tracker will be provided per team or solo by Adventure Enablers. Team locations will be web-hosted allowing friends and family to observe progress throughout the race. It will also greatly aid us in locating any team in the event of an emergency. Click here for a sample from a past race. You will be able to download your track off the website and post it to Strava after the race.


We will have divisions for co-ed, all male and all female teams, along with male and female solo divisions.


Both the 12-hr AR and the 6-hr rogaine courses will involve a large amount of off-trail travel in a remote area with only a map and compass for navigation aids. We do not recommend a racer without previous experience with map and compass navigation to compete as a solo. If you’re new and would like to try this out but don’t have a teammate, please email Paul. We will try to play matchmaker and you up on a team.

That said, if you know what you are doing, knock yourself out. We will be setting up a challenging course for you all.


Nashville has an orienteering club, Nash-O, that hosts somewhat regular orienteering meets around the City. If you’ve never done this before, we recommend honing your skills at an orienteering meet or two if you haven’t ever done this and intend on either navigating for your team or going solo. Nash-O’s event schedule can be found here.



• All teams must be checked in at the finish line by the posted race deadline. The penalty for arriving late to the finish will be the loss of one CP. An additional one CP will be deducted from the team’s total for every 5 minutes thereafter.
• For example, if the penalty for arriving late to the Finish (7:00PM) is the loss of one CP per every 5 minutes late, then one CP will be deducted at 7:00PM; an additional one CP will be deducted from the team’s total for every 5 minutes thereafter. So, a team arriving at 7:15 pm will receive a four point deduction.
• Loss-of-CP or time penalties will be administered by the race directors for any rules violations.
• If specific penalties are not mentioned, penalties for rules violations will be determined on a per case basis by the race directors. The decision of the race directors will be final. There is no formal appeal process.

General Race Rules:

• Only maps provided by HardWin Adventures may be used during the race.
• Teammates must stay within 30 meters of each other at all times.
• Teams may not receive support, food, mechanical assistance, or gear from non-racers.
• Race Volunteers have limited information and may not interpret race rules or provide clarification to racers.
• Teams must have the Race Bib Number (provided) visible at all times except while paddling.
• Racers must assist any person in danger.
• Any person or team withdrawing from the race must notify a race official in person or ensure that their intentions are communicated clearly to a race director. Failing to notify race officials of a withdrawal will result in that team being responsible for all search and rescue expenses. The remaining team members may continue the race as an unranked team.
• Race officials reserve the right to alter time cut-offs or the course itself to accommodate changing conditions, and to ensure that teams finish on time.
• Leave No Trace
• No GPS Devices: Keep all GPS-capable devices (including GPS watches) out of sight for the entirety of the race. If everyone follows this rule, then we should never get an accusation of a team using such a device to cheat.


All Solo Artist will get the following:
M/F 1/2/3

Team awards are one category regardless of size. However gender is a different award, so.
Male Teams - 1-2-3
Female Teams - 1-2-3
Coed - 1-2-3



Can I bring my own boat for the paddle section? No. We are contracting with an outfitter to provide boat rentals. We do not have a specific boat drop.

Can I bring my own paddle gear? (PFD and Paddle) Yes. Leave any personal paddle gear in a labeled paddle bag. Paddle bags will be brought to the start of the paddle leg and picked up at the end of the paddle and returned to the race start. Anyone not bringing their own paddle gear can rent from the outfitter as paddles and PFDs are included in the race price.

Do you have bike rentals? No, we do not. Last we checked, both Ride 615 and RB’s Cyclery had a couple of bikes available for rent. If you are looking to rent, do so as soon as you can, as there are not many available.

Where should I stay? There is ample space at the start line for you to pitch a tent. There will be bathrooms and water from a spigot to use as well. There are several hotels off the Bellevue exit of I-40 (exit 196.) You can get to the start line in 20 minutes from there.

Where can I eat? There are several restaurants nearby.

Where’s the course elevation profile and map? We will provide the maps just before (or maybe even after) the start of the race to keep you on your toes. The 12-hr AR contains roughly 5 miles of paddling, 40 miles of biking and 15 miles of trekking. The rogaine essentially has as much trekking as you can do in 6-hrs.

Mandatory Gear

Mandatory Gear – AR and Rogaine

• Backpack
• Emergency Space Blanket
• Food and Water
• Hydration Bladder or Bottles (minimum 70 oz capacity)
• Headlamp or Flashlight (w/extra batteries)
• Whistle
• Compass
• Duct Tape (minimum 5')
• First Aid/ Safety Kit: (Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight Medical Kit .7 or equivalent)
• Knife (minimum 3" blade)
• Lighter or Waterproof Matches
• Water Purification
• Fully charged cell phone in waterproof container stored in backpack for emergency use
• Race-provided GPS tracker
• Race Provided Maps
• Race Provided Passport

Mandatory Gear – AR only

• Bicycle (mountain bike required, no road, cyclocross or gravel bikes)
• Helmet
• Front Light mounted on bike or helmet
• Rear Red Flashing Light
• Spare Inner Tube (even if you ride tubeless)

• Tire Repair Kit: patches, tire levers, and pump
• Bike Tools: 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Hex Wrenches; Pedal Wrench (hex wrench OK if it can remove your pedal); Small Philips & Straight Screwdrivers

• Paddles – each boat rental will come with paddles. Canoes will receive single-blade paddles, kayaks will receive double blade paddles. Racers/teams providing their own paddle gear must have all gear stored in a paddle bag.
• PFD (lifejacket) – PFDs will be included in your rental, but you are welcome to bring your own in a paddle bag as above.
• Boat will be provided

TECHNOLOGY – AR and Rogaine

• GPS features NOT ALLOWED: any GPS capable device that can display a map, coordinates, speed, or distance. This includes smartphones with GPS ability and running watches.
• GPS features ALLOWED: GPS trackers that measure distance, speed, altitude, tracking for later review.
• Phones may be used for emergency calls ONLY. Smartphones must be turned OFF except for emergency use. No use of navigation, social media, internet, calls for advice, etc. during the race.
• Altimeters are allowed.
• Bicycle computer / speedometers are allowed.


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