Saturday, Aug 26, 2023 @ 7:00 PM

Blazin & Glazin 5K

Kefauver park

Madisonville, TN Blazin & Glazin Team

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 26, 2023

Race description!

Welcome to our 1st annual Blazin and Glazin doughnut run. The concept came to us always from always being around friends that tell us the only thing they would run towards is doughnuts! The concept is simple. You will be in teams of 2 of your choosing. 1 person will run the 5k which is a looped course while the other person eats Krispy creme doughnuts. For every doughnut you eat it will take 30 seconds off your 5k time. For example is teammate 1 runs a 25 min 5k and teammate 2 eats 4 doughnuts then we will take 2 min off of their time making it a 23 min 5k. You are basically looking for someone that can run fast or eat a lot of doughnuts when you create your team. So go out and grab that buddy that is always heckling you about running and team up!

Eating rules

So once the race starts the doughnut eater can then start. You can only eat during the time it takes your runner to complete the 5K course. Once they have crossed the line only the doughnuts that have been eaten will count towards your time deduction. Half or being chewed doughnuts will not count. Every doughnut that you eat will take 30 seconds off your teammates 5k time. There is a maximum of 12 Krispy creme doughnuts that can be eaten per team. At no time can the runner and the eater switch out. Here's one of the most important rules. If you puke at all during the eating part then you automatically lose all the doughnuts that you ate for deduction and must start back over with a fresh doughnut. None of the previous ones you have eaten will count at all.

Krispy creme doughnuts will be the Doughnuts for this event!

Aid Station

If you know us then we love a good aid station. We will provide lots of hydration for either those that are running or eating along with a few basic items that will help you runners keep moving during the 5k! After the 5k is over we plan on having hot dogs to serve to all of our participants. That is if you saved any room after eating all those doughnuts!


Shirts will be guaranteed until cutoff date (still working on that )

Finisher medals will also be awarded to all who compete and complete the event (if signed up by guarantee date)

No telling what fun design we will come up with for medals and shirts.....

Course description

Runners will complete 3 loops around the Kefaufer Park. An asphalt trail going around our beautiful Kefaufer pond. Each loop will be right at 1 mile.

Kefauver park

Kefauver Park is located in Madisonville TN.

The park offers a "Lake" for fishing.
Walking loop,bike trail,tennis court,basketball courts baseball fields as well as 2 play grounds.

In addition a dog park is located in the park, but dogs are only allowed in the gated dog park area and not within the park itself! (Please follow these rules for permit and future event purposes)

Currently an additional running trail is in the development in the park. Designed and created by East Coast Adventures


Unfortunately our insurance does not allow any dogs in our races along with the park in which the race is being held does not allow dogs. As much as we love those cute dogs please do not bring them to the race and or put our permit in jeopardy.

Event's current local time: 2:43 AM ET


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