Saturday, Nov 4, 2023 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 4, 2023


This is a USATF Sanctioned event.
The final race in Salt City Trail Running's series of three races throughout the year!!

This is a timed loop event being held on the varied and rocky terrain at Clark Reservation just outside Jamesville, NY. Clark is a beautiful park in CNY that most people do not get to see. It is also a very rocky and technical place to run while offering some great scenery.

The race will consist of a loop that is approximately 1.7 miles that covers smooth gravel pathways, dirt with little ankle breaker rocks to larger boulders that you will have to navigate your way around. You will start and finish each loop in the same spot at the end of the large parking lot.

You will be required after each lap to check in with the timer to ensure your lap was counted before heading out on the next lap. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!

Race Details

For those that have never run a timed loop event, the race will proceed as follows:

Race starts at 8am and finishes promplty at 2pm. You will be running the exact same loop for the entire duration of the event while attempting to get in as many laps as you possible can within those 6 hours. You can run, walk, skip or crawl your way around for the entire 6 hours or any time less. If you feel like you can only run 1 hour you will stop after 1 hour. If you run for 1 hour and want to take a break for 4 hours and run the last hour that's fine too!

However many laps you have completed by the end of the 6 hours, or when you decided to stop (whichever comes first) will be your finishing mileage and place. The runner with the most mileage by the end of the 6 hours will be declared the winner. NO PARTIAL LAPS WILL COUNT.

Refund Policy/Weather

This race will be held in late October and we do our best prior to the event to make every effort to make this race the most exciting event possible. Due to that and the costs associated with hosting the event we will only offer a refund of 50% until August 31st. Starting September 10th there will be NO REFUNDS!

This is a trail race, we are hosting this event with the idea that you have some experience running trails and/or in the rain. There will be no rain date for the race. If there is planned thunderstorms for the day, we will still meet there and run the race as safely as possible. If that means delaying the start for an hour or two then thats what we will do.

Plan accordingly please, if you are unable to make the race and you have registered please let us know. We will be maintaining a waitlist if the race fills up, so you will be able to give another runner a chance to race.

Event's current local time: 12:14 AM ET


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