March 1 - 3, 2024

El Reto Del Indio: 100M Ocean to Ocean


Salud, PAN 160K, 105K, 55K

This Event Took Place Sun. Mar 3, 2024

Panama Ocean To Ocean Ultra 100M


Can you imagine running across a continent, from border to border, ocean to ocean?
Come to beautiful Panama and make it a reality!
Join us for the only 100 mile race in the world where you can cross an entire country, an entire continent, and include 2 different oceans!
Start with your hand in the Atlantic Ocean, and finish by jumping into the Pacific!
Along the way you will pass through beautiful rain forests, mountains and valleys, villages and some of Panamas most beautiful landscapes. Much of the race will also follow the Indio River, with incredible views of Gatu Lake, which was created in order to form the Panama Canal.

This is a point to point race. The race runs North to South across Panama, just west of the Panama Canal. See our website to download a course map. 80% of the course will be dirt roads, 20% technical single track. There will be plenty of water crossings, and plenty of opportunities to jump in the water to cool off. The total vertical gain for the 100 Mile will be 14,643 vertical feet.

With 14 total aid stations (7 of these full service), you will be well supported along the route. Full service aid stations will provide food, water, sports drink, gus, bathrooms, medical aid, and ice.

The cutoffs are very generous, with a total 38 hours to complete. We are here to help you finish! Last year we had an 81% finish rate!

If you're coming from outside the country, travel to and from Panama and within the country is very easy and quite affordable. Contact us for insider travel information. Don't let the logistics get in the way of coming to this amazing race. Many runners who come from the US, for example, end up spending less than they have on traveling to many other races within the States.

We are a grass-roots, local non-profit dedicated to helping more people enjoy the beautiful trails of Panama. We are also committed to helping people stretch themselves physically and experience the joy and satisfaction of pushing through challenges and accomplishing amazing goals.

El Reto del Indio is a unique, beautiful, 160kms (100M), 105kms (65M) and 55kms (34M) race that goes through mountains and valleys, runs next to the Indio River for many kilometers, and ends in the Pacific Ocean. In its 160km (100 Miles) distance, the race starts at the beautiful Caribbean side of Panama, on the Atlantic Ocean, crosses the country North to South (you will be actually crossing a continent in its narrowest point) and ends in the Pacific Ocean. Aid Stations along the way support our runners with not only the most friendly and helpful people you can find but also communities along the race will cheer you as you cross Panama. The race is in our non-rainny season which is windier and less humid but it is hot so ice is available in all our aid stations and you can jump in the rivers along the way. We welcome you to come be a part of this unique and adventurous race!

Event's current local time: 9:38 AM ET


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