Saturday, Jun 1, 2024

Hell Hole Hundred

Jericho Horse Trail

Bethera, SC 100M, 50 Miler, 50K Night Run, 50K, 16.3 miler, 10k

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 1, 2024

About The Race

Welcome to the Hell Hole Hundred, an ultimate test of endurance and determination set against the picturesque backdrop of the Jericho Horse Trail within the Francis Marion National Forest. This challenging race offers distances ranging from 10k to an awe-inspiring 100 miles, ensuring there's a challenge suitable for every level of runner.

This race takes place in the beautiful but HOT swamps of South Carolina in June. The heat and humidity are no joke this time of year. If you're looking for a summer race that will push you to your limits---you've found it.

Primitive Camping is available the night before the race until the race is over. Be aware that there are no water/electric hookups and this is not an official "campground" with mapped out sites. Most people set up a tent next to their vehicle on the side of the road (it's a dead end road heading back to the trailhead) heading back to the trail or in the woods. Porta potties will be available on site

Location: Use GOOGLE Maps and search Jericho Horse Trail. APPLE Maps will NOT take you to the trailhead. OR use these coordinates: 33.200830, -79.765589. You will also see a sign for Jericho Horse Trail and a sign for the race with lights at the turn.

Packet Pickup & Pre Race Fun

Packet Pickup will take place at the following dates/times:
-Friday, June 6th from 11a-6p (for all runners except 100 milers) location TBD
-Friday, June 6th from 6-630pm at the race start/finish for all 100 milers
-Saturday, June 7th from 6-630am at the race start/finish

Aid Stations

We will have three fully stocked aid stations strategically placed along the course. The coordinates for aid stations can be found in the Runners Guide in case you need to have crew meet you there. Please share these coordinates with them before race day.

The main aid station at the start/finish line will not only offer all your usual ultra snacks like gummy bears, sour patch kids, potatoes, chips, pretzels, cold sodas, water, sports drink (and more!)-- but we'll also be serving up delicious food throughout the day. The menu is TBD

The 2 aid stations on the course will have all your usual ultra snacks like gummy bears, sour patch kids, potatoes, chips, pretzels, cold sodas, water, sports drink (and more!)

There will also be some cool treats available to help you beat the heat!

Runners and volunteers will enjoy complimentary meals to refuel and recharge. For those not running or volunteering, a meal can be purchased for $5 via ultrasignup during registration. This helps us ensure we have enough food for everyone.

Porta potties will be located at the start/finish line and both aid stations.

Runners are required to check in at each aid station so we know that you came through. If the aid station is unmanned you will check yourself in on the clipboard.

Course Overview & Pacers

The race takes place within the Francis Marion National Forest located outside Charleston, South Carolina.

The trail we run on is called the Jericho Horse Trail, there are two courses, a 16 mile loop and an 18 mile loop. Depending on your event…it will dictate what course or combination of courses you will run. A loop count for all distances can be found in the Runners Guide ( Both courses consisting of dirt fire roads, single track trail. It is a flat trail that is beautiful but unforgiving in the heat.

The 10k course will run an out and back. Turnaround will be well marked and there is no aid on the 10k route so plan to carry any fluids you will need with you. I know it's a 10k but you will want fluids.

Most people that DNF this race do so because of improper hydration and electrolyte management.

Pacers are welcome to join for the 50 miler and 100 miler at the halfway mark

It's good to be aware of any wildlife you may come across on the trails. This is not to scare you but rather to make you aware. You may see deer, gators, wild hogs, snakes, spiders, coyotes, and of course bugs. I will tell you that I personally spend a lot of time in these woods and have yet to have an encounter with most of those things. Remember that they are more scared of you and don't really want to hang out with smelly runners anyways.

The course will be very well marked. The Jericho Horse Trail also uses blue blazes. We are not the only ones out in these woods which means there's always the possibility of someone messing with our course markings. I HIGHLY recommend downloading the course map to your watch/phone. Alltrails allows for offline navigation so even in spots where you may not have great service you'll know where you're at.

Runners are welcome to keep a drop bag at the start/finish line or at their car/tent to resupply in between loops. 50/100 mile runners crew can also meet them at aid stations.

Because this is a looped course it makes it MUCH easier to manage nutrition/hydration/gear. It's flat which makes it a great course to go out for a new distance.

Start Time/Cutoff Times

Start Times:
100 Milers: FRIDAY, June 6th at 7pm. NEW for 2025 we are going to start our 100 milers on Friday NIGHT so you'll only have one hot daytime that you've got to run through the sun instead of two!
10k and 16 milers: SATURDAY, June 7th at 7am
50k: SATURDAY, June 7th at 7:05am
50mi: SATURDAY: June 7th at 7:10am

16 miler: 6 hours
50k and Night 50k: 12 hours
50 miler: 19 hours
100 miler: 33 hours

Swag & Awards

We have an incredible logo from talented local artist Marcus Cripps and will showcase it on some pretty awesome swag.Stay tuned for an announcement for registration swag!
100 mile finishers will also receive a custom buckle showcasing that new logo

Top 3 male and female finishers in each distance will also receive an old school trophy . All who finish their distance will also receive a custom award.


Cancellation & Refund Policy/ Distance Changes/Bib Transfers

The race will take place rain or shine. If for any reason the event has to be shut down due to extreme weather, natural disaster or zombies on the course (other than the runners…), you will be pulled from the course or held at an aid station until you can be removed from the course. Please, no arguing if this should happen. It is for your own safety

There are no refunds. I know this is frustrating but we have to plan and budget for each race. See bib transfer policy below

If you would like to change your distance you can do that here on ultrasignup before the race or the day of but you must do so before you cross the start line. There will be no distance changes after that point

If you can't make the event for whatever reason you do have the option to transfer your bib to another runner via ultrasignup.

Night Running

Those running any distance that involves running at night will be required to have a light on them during night time hours (head lamp, waist lamp, flaming torch, etc..). We want you to have fun be we also want you to be safe and see where you're going. Be sure to bring a spare, batteries, chargers, etc.. If you don't have a light you're not running.


With our volunteer program you can earn free/discounted race entries by helping your fellow runners. If you run a "shorter" distance you could stick around and help out after. Night 50k runners could volunteer before their race starts. See the volunteer tab to sign up and I'll be in touch as the race gets closer.

12 hours volunteer time= 100% discount on any race entry
6 hours volunteer time = 50% discount on any race entry

These hours can be accumulated over several races. We love our volunteers and while you're out there we'll feed you and you get swag too!

Event's current local time: 9:37 PM ET


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