Saturday, Jan 20, 2024 @ 8:00 AM


418 Amicalola Falls State Park Rd

Dawsonville, GA The Toughest Backyard Ultra

Registration closes: Tue, Jan 16 @ 11:59 PM ET


$10,000 to the overall winner (based on 100 runners) each runner will pay $125 to sign-up and, at the start of the race, will be given a $100 bill to carry the entire race. If the runner desires to stop or times out of the race, they will place the $100 bill into a glass case for the overall winner to claim at the end. $25 goes to the park fees. The final amount of the prize money will be determined by the number of runners signed up at the race start. Limit 100 runners.
Two years into the planning in order to discover the toughest 5K location to pull off a backyard ultra and we found it at the famous AT approach trail in the Amicalola Falls State Park at the coldest possible time of the year. The loop starts at the top of the falls with the rugged East Ridge trail leading down to the bottom parking area to pick up the lower Mountain Laurel trail and then up the AT Approach trails with 605 steps back to the top of the falls.
Simple: Each runner will have 1 hour to complete the 3.4 mile loop every hour until only one person remains.


Each runner must carry their 100-dollar bill (provided at the start) the entire time and surrender it if they drop out of the race.
All runners need to be present at least 30 minutes before the start of the race. The official race start is at 8:00 AM therefore all participants shall be present to listen to the race rules by 7:30 AM. Allow for additional time to get checked in and get your bib. If you want to set up personal gear before 7:30 please account for the extra time needed.
At 3 minutes, before the top of each hour a whistle will be blown notifying the runners how much time is left before the race start. This is the only time warning provided. All runners are required to be in the starting corral before the top of the hour. Failure to line up in the starting corral will result in disqualification of the runner.
At the top of every hour a trail run will begin and you have 1 hour to complete the loop.
Absolutely NO late starts will be allowed. All runners much be in the starting corral when the gun go off.
Each runner is required to “answer the bell”. This means they start their run at the top of the hour and leave the corral with the rest of the runners. If you have to tend to a pressing need (porta potty break, untied shoe, forgot a water bottle, etc.), do this after the top of the hour, after you have run out of the starting corral.
The Race Director is the official keeper of time. Do not assume you know what the “official” race time is. Pay attention.
The course is 100% marked and a map of the route will be available. No cutting the course. EQ is so.
Each runner is required to run this entire loop before the hour (60 minutes) is over. Failure to complete the loop within 60 minutes will result in disqualification.
The time needed to complete the loop does not matter, only that the runner be back at the start before the hour expires. Upon successful completion of the loop, all runners are considered “tied”. Speed does not matter in this event.
At the top of the next hour and after the three whistle warnings, all runners will leave the corral for the same loop again.
After completing the 3.4 mile loop, each runner may use their time between loops to do as they please (eat, tend to their feet, change clothes, use the port-a-potty, etc.) However they cannot leave the venue, nor can they start their next loop early. You are even allowed to nap during your “break” between loops. If the runner elects to sleep, it is their own responsibility to be awake before the next loop starts. Yes, a crew member can wake the runner up.
Each runner will be provided a 5X5 spot to place a tent or can have a 4ft table area under the race provided support tent. Bring a camp chair, warm clothes, sleeping bag or blankets as it may get cold overnight.
If a runner elects to drop out and call it quits, he/she must present themselves to the Race Director BEFORE the next loop has started. At that time (and after much castigation, chastisement and a general tongue-lashing) the runner will ring the “bell of failure and shame”, announcing their departure from the race. They will then be removed from the roster.
This event may continue overnight and into the next day (or with any luck, until Monday!)
Slower runners must allow faster runners to pass.
Do NOT litter. There will be trash cans placed along the course.
Stay on the marked trails.


No pacers are allowed, however support crews can provide help at the finish area.
The run will continue as such every hour until only two runners remain. When one of those two runners fails to complete the loop within an hour, or fails to present themselves in the starting corral before the top of the hour, the one remaining runner will then have to complete one more loop on their own at which point they will be the sole "finisher". All other entrants will be granted a "DNF" as they failed to run as far as the finisher. It is the last person that drops out that dictates the length of this race.
The last person to drop out is granted with the “assist”, as they determined the length of the race.
The event is officially over when the lone “finisher” (our sole survivor) completes his solo lap alone. The finisher is not allowed to continue on for additional solo laps beyond this last one. Winner of $10,000.
Since all the funds go to the winner and the park, there are no refunds or deferments.



There will be custom medals provided based on how far you can push yourself.
25K award - 5 loops
50K award - 10 loops
Everest award - 29 loops
The last person is the winner of the Grand Prize.

Event's current local time: 10:06 PM ET
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