Saturday, Aug 12, 2023 @ 9:00 AM

Not Your Average Marathon

12524 Stanton St

West Olive, MI NYAM WITH Shirt and Sunglasses, NYAM ENTRY ONLY (NO Shirt and Sunglasses)

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 12, 2023

Cancelled Event


Event Details

A 5k Trail Run. Every hour. On the hour. 9a-5p. With yard games, food, and fun in between. Stay all day for 8 x 5ks + a final 1.25 mile loop to hit 26.2 miles. OR just run one 5k, 2 for a 10k, 4 for a half marathon, or any number that sounds fun for you! It's gonna be a day full of running, and outdoor fun. Come to run. Come to cheer. This is a choose-your-own-adventure kinda day. Fun for the whole family!Each 5k will have it's own unique theme, to keep things interesting. Wanna know more? You'll just have to come check it out!


$5 entry

$25 for entry + an event shirt and sunglasses!

How many 5ks do you plan to do? (Don’t worry, you can change your mind later)

1 - One 5k’s enough for me!

2- 10k, baby!

3 - 9.3 miles!

4 - Half Marathon!
5 - 5 x 5ks!

6 - 18.6 miles!

7 - 21.7 miles! Might as well do the whole thing!

8 - 24.8 miles! Oh, so close….

9 - The whole enchilada! All Day Marathon bliss!

Event's current local time: 1:01 AM ET
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