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About The Octopus Ultra

The Octopus Ultra is a race born out of 2020 and the year of the cancelled races. Like most fine Ultras, the Octopus originated in the RD's garage...the summer of 2020 in South Florida. After running out and back 8 times, for 100 miles (and 33 hours), the first Octopus Ultra was in the books...0 finishers in the 32 hour limit, but 2 finishers overall. The idea behind the Octopus race is to have a centralized location, a base station, with 8 Octo-Arms out and back. The Vero Beach Octopus allows the new Ultra runners to complete their first Ultra completing Octo-Arm one (A1) and two (2); a 50k by completing A1, A2 and A3; and a 50 mile Ultra by finishing A1, A2, A3 and A4. Add A5 and you get a 100K. Finishing all 8 Octo-Arms within 32 hours earns you the esteemed and well earned Octopus Buckle. If you are looking to partake in some of the ultra madness you have the Ultra Teaser running only arm 1 (14.6) miles of try the teaser with 29.1 miles. Be ready to be wowed by the beauty and challenged by the elements and landscaping of the Vero Beach Octopus Ultra.

Start Time

Race Starts at 6:00am on Saturday for all distances except the Heavy 5K which starts at 6:30am

Course Cut Offs

Loose Cutoffs: So loose we are giving all distances 32 hrs to finish any distance.
Due to the dangers of the South Florida Summer heat, the RD and Organizers reserve the right to pull anyone from the race at anytime due to health concerns
TO EARN A BUCKLE ON THE 100: 32 hours
Leaving the course for any reason constitutes reason for DNF. (I.e. hotel, hospital, jail…)

Environmental Learning Center

Vero X Events has partnered with the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) to bring you The Vero Beach Octopus Ultra. The home base for the race will be held on the grounds of the ELC. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Environmental Learning Center. The mission of the ELC is to educate, inspire and empower all people to be active stewards of the environment and their own well-being.

To Crew or Not To Crew?

The Vero Beach Octopus Ultra was Crew Mandatory in 2021, but is no longer mandatory. We have made the decision not to baby sit this issue this year. The race will not be crew mandatory, HOWEVER, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMENDED! We had accomplished Ironman finishers, Ultra Runners and weekend warriors alike DNF this race last year. By not having a crew, you are significantly lowering your chances of completing this race, but do NOT FRET....the amusement you bring to the race is a wonderful trade-off! There are long sections with NO water access. The decision is YOURS to make, so make it a wise one.

The Octo-Arms

Octo-Arm 1 "The Awakening"
Octo-Arm 2 "The Ring"
Octo-Arm 3 "Gates of Hell"
Octo-Arm 4 "Jumanji"
Octo-Arm 5 "The Blair Beach Project"
Octo-Arm 6 "The Sixth Sense"
Octo-Arm 7 "The Swarm"
Octo-Arm 8 "Pyromania"

Race Prerequisite

This should not be your first 100 mile attempt. The temperatures, terrain and humidity can offer complications a normal 100 mile race does not have. With that being said, if this is your first 100 mile attempt, it is mandatory that you have an experienced crew of 100 mile ultras.

Event's current local time: 6:19 PM ET


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