Saturday, Oct 28, 2023 @ 8:00 AM

Stonehouse Trail Runs

Cadiz Rd

Cadiz, OH 50K Trail Run, 25K Trail Run, 10 Mile Trail Run

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 28, 2023

Event Description

The course features a 10 mile trail loop and a 25K (~15.6 miles) trail loop that starts and finishes at the Salt Fork Park Lodge. 50K (~31 miles) trail runners will complete 2 laps of the 25K course. Each 25K lap in the 50K will be timed. See Map.

The trails consist of the exterior track, gravel, and grass and includes the Shade Bush, Salt Fork and Stone House Trails. The course is runnable, technical and can be challenging with its elevation changes and depending on weather conditions can be muddy in low-lying spots.

Race Fields

Individual (Solo). Solo runners will run their select distance continuously throughout the event. 50K runners may take a short break between laps to replenish their supplies and even change shoes and clothing as desired. All athletes are timed and will continued to be timed until they cross the finish timing mat. Any athlete that withdraws will be recorded as a DNF.
Drop Bag Area

Runners will have a designated area at the Start/Finish for a drop bag, tent, chairs, cooler with food/fluids, additional gear, etc. There will be gender-based changing tents available.

Crew Support

Runners may receive crew support only from the Start/Finish area. Runners receiving crew support from any other area may be subject to disqualification.


Pacers are not allowed in the solo divisions.

Leave No Trace

To minimize trash on the trails, the Stone House Trail Runs are a CUP-FREE RACE. This means that paper cups will not be provided for water and will only be used for Gatorade and soda. All runners will be responsible for carrying their own refillable hand-held bottle or hydration system. Runners will be required to throw their paper cups away before leaving the aid station. Any runner found intentionally leaving cups, gel wrappers, or other trash on the trail will be disqualified.

Race Participant Capacity

200 solo runners (no more than 200 runners permitted on course at any one time

Event's current local time: 11:04 AM ET


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