Saturday, Oct 26, 2024 @ 6:00 AM
Registration closes: Wed, Oct 25 @ 11:59PM ET


Out of the shadows of Mt Tammany comes Sunnin At Sunfish Pond. There will be two distances: 1/2 Marathon & a 50K+. The route will be a 6.7 mile loop with approximately 1,750 of vertical ascent. The 1/2 marathon will complete the loop twice and is designed to attract newer trail runners to an arduous and technical trail event. The 50K+ will be 5 loops. Mile per mile these events to be just as challenging as Mt Tammany. Complete both events in a year and claim the title of Terror of Tammany!


Start/Finish Area: Campground area at Worthington State Forest.
30K $90.00
50K+ $120.00

30K: A GENEROUS 9 hour time limit
50K+: A challenging 12 hour time limit.
All 30K athletes will need to finish by 15.00 to be official finishers.
All 50K+ athletes will need to finish by 18.00 to be official finishers
The final loop of the 50K+ will have a time cut-off at 16.00.
All 1/2 marathon will receive a finishers award.
All 50K+ will receive a finishers award.


A map of the race routes can be found here.


05.15 TO 06.00 Check-In for both races
05.55: Check-In closes
05.55: Final race direction give to athletes
06.00: Start of both races
15.00: Official finish of 30K Sunnin' at Sunfish
15.15: Post race meals available
18.00: Official finish of 50K Sunnin' at Sunfish
18.00 - 19.00 Clean-Up, tear-down, and pack-up.
19.00: Egress from Worthington S.P. Campground

Event's current local time: 11:45 PM ET

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