Thursday, Apr 25, 2024 @ 7:00 AM

Coast To Coaster 200 Mile Road Race

605 East Water Street

Sandusky, OH 200 Miler, 200 Mile - crewed - no hotel or transportation provided

Registration Closed Mon. Apr 15, 2024 @ 11:59 PM

Basic Information

Announcing Coast to Coaster 200(ish) road race by Marathon Investigation.

The race will start in Sandusky, OH - The home of Cedar Point, and travel south to Mason OH - the home of Kings Island. Along the way, runners (or walkers) will stop at The Ohio State Reformatory (Featured in The Shawshank Redemption).

I had the idea for this race after driving much of the course with my kids to visit Cedar Point. After participating in a couple of journey runs myself, I realized that this route would be ideal for such a race.

Participants will be bussed from Mason, OH to Sandusky the day before the race, and will have 6 days to get to the finish line to earn an official finish.

Most of the route is light on traffic with decent shoulders. There is even a decent stretch on a multi-use bike/hike path. The map will be shared with participants prior to the event.

There are no formal aid stations. Uncrewed runners will need to carry their supplies and refill at services available along the route.

For uncrewed runners, your entry includes:
Shuttle from Mason OH to Sandusky OH on Wednesday
Tour of Ohio State Reformatory (Shawshank Prison) on Wednesday
Hotel room Wednesday night
If you cannot finish, we will shuttle you to the finish at the earliest opportunity.

All finishers receive a high quality Buckle

The Details

This is not your typical 200 mile race. This is a journey run.

The participant is responsible for carrying or obtaining all needed supplies and services.

We will get you to the start, and if needed, we will get you to the finish should you need to drop.

The map will be released in plenty of time to scout the course and strategize. There are hotels along the course and within a couple blocks of the course. There are plenty of gas stations and Dollar Generals along the route. Participants in these types of races follow a variety of strategies. Some plan to stay in hotels every night - some camp at churches or parks. Most use a hybrid strategy.

The cutoff time is 6 days. If you can walk or run 35 miles a day, you will be able to finish.

Crews are allowed.. You may start without a crew, and decide you need support to finish. That is ok. There will be rules regarding crew and runner safety that will be shared with participants. Runners may shelter in their crew vehicle. Crews may transport runners to off course lodging (and then back to the course), The crew can obtain food and water and serve as a rolling aid station.


1. Crews are allowed. Crews may carry supplies for the participants. Crewed runners may shelter in their crews vehicle, and crews may transport runners to off course shelter (and back to the course where they left).
2. Safety - This is the top priority. If anyone is behaving in a way that puts theirs or others safety in danger, they will be pulled from the course.
3. Respect - treat other participants, and locals with respect. Your behavior is a reflection of the event and runners in general. Act as positive ambassadors to help grow the event!

More details will be provided. Basically, use common sense. Don't try to cheat the system. Stay on the course. If you make an error - return to the course where you stepped off.

Event's current local time: 5:58 PM ET
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