Sunday, Dec 3, 2023 @ 10:00 AM

Egg Nog Slog 1 Mile All Star Classic

374 Walker Road, West Orange, NJ 07052

West Orange, NJ Dairy Division, Non-Dairy Division

This Event Took Place Sun. Dec 3, 2023


Join us on Sunday December 3, 2023 at 10am at the South Mountain Reservation for the 4th annual Egg Nog Slog 1 Mile All Star Classic! The race is simple: Chug 8 oz of egg nog, run or hike 1/4 mile - repeat 4 times to complete 1 mile and 32 oz of egg nog!


- Participants must declare their division: dairy or non-dairy

- Participants will BYO-Nog and provide their 8 oz cup

- You must start the race by drinking 8 oz of egg nog. You'll then complete one 1/4 mile loop and repeat this 4 times to get to one mile and 32 oz of nog consumption.

- Egg nog must be consumed while remaining stationary (you can't drink and run/hike)

- All 32 oz of egg nog must be consumed and all distances must be completed in the prescribed order or you get a DNF

- There is no cut-off time. We will stay until you finish!

- Winner takes home a gallon of Egg Nog!! Kidding.... Or are we??


The course is a 1/4 mile long. You'll start by running across a grassfield to the trailhead. The trail begins and quickly makes a hard right turn. You'll go slightly downhill and then make another hard right turn to go back to the finish across the grass field (this is slightly uphill).


We will have Dairy and Non-Dairy Divisions as there is a substantial difference in the nutrition profiles for 32 oz dairy vs non-dairy nog! Non-Dairy includes a nog that is made with ANYTHING other than milk derived from a dairy cow.

Event's current local time: 2:35 AM ET


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