Saturday, Jun 15, 2024 @ 8:00 AM

Schuetzen NEIN! Hour Endurance Run

319 N Rolff St.

Davenport, IA 9hrs, 9hr Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 15, 2024

Event Description

Welcome to Schuetzen...where the safe word is "keep going"...

Quad Cities Trail & Ultra Runners - (QC-TUR) & Sun Trail Running bring you the return of the Schuetzen NEIN! Hour Endurance Run this June! Come join us for a very small, old school event that challenges you to run as many miles as you can in a 9 hour time limit. Run as much or as little as you'd like. It's a perfect opportunity to run further and/or longer than you ever have or thought possible! Maybe you'll "schuet" for your first trail half or full marathon or maybe even your first trail ultra marathon!

Choose to run the nine hours solo or as part of a relay in the Mannschaft (Team) Division in which you and up to two of your fellow masochists relay around Schuetzen as a team. One runner at a time. Teams can break up loops/mileage/time however they'd like.

Low registration fee covers the basics for the race including abundant aid at the start/finish as well as hot "real" food and tasty cold beverages, a chance to earn the coveted Schuetzen Spanker (50k+ solo, 50mi+ relay), a custom race shirt, constant kicks in the ass to get back out for "just one more loop" and a guaranteed donation to Schuetzen Park who privately manage and maintain this beautiful gem of a park! To date we've donated over $8,000 to the park on behalf of this event alone!


The event this year is a proud member of the No Coast Trail Series! For more details and to sign up for free go to: No Coast Trail Series. Check out all the other member races and help grow trail and ultra running on the No Coast!

Course Description

The course is a beautiful and challenging 0.85mi trail loop that showcases the German historic site’s natural beauty and contains about 125-150ft. of elevation gain per loop. The loop is mostly dirt/chipped rock single track trail with stair sections and some short sections of grass. Make no mistake, Schuetzen NEIN! will bring you to your knees.

Weather could be anything this time of year and the event will go on rain, shine or otherwise.

Timeline & Location

There is no Friday packet pickup. Check-in starts at 7:00AM Saturday morning. The race will start promptly at 8AM so don't be late! If you are, you'll just have less than NEIN! hours to run.

Start/Finish is at the Jens Lorenzen Pavilion located right off Schuetzen Lane at the SW corner of the Good Samaritan Society property on Waverly Rd. Ample parking and bathroom facilities are available right next to the pavilion.

Testimonials From Previous Years

"Run for 9 hours with a bunch of like minded people on a tiny forested loop with a bunch of stairs in 100 degree heat and 100% humidity with a fully stocked aid station and beer. I don't think there is a better use of a Saturday than that. I was heat acclimated for the rest of the summer because of Scheutzen. Afterwards, I found myself running at 2 PM in July to even feel like I got a workout in. Scheutzen makes you strong!"
Joe Miller ‘18 – 52 loops and course record holder

"The best thing about Schuetzen...if you’re a perfectionist and not happy with the loop you just problem, you have nine hours to refine your approach."
Chad Ziegler ‘17 – 32 loops, ‘18 – 25 loops

"Schuetzen is everything I love about trail and ultrarunning! Beautiful trails, friendly runners (who you get to see A LOT), well organized, and pizza. It's a great way to spend a Saturday."
Kelly Teeselink ’18 – 22 Loops

"Mark my words, this race will test you mentally, physically and leave you questioning your sanity. You may even possibly hallucinate...I swear I was seeing that lake by the end! Despite the hardship, I can't think of a more wonderful way to spend the day then with a group of dirt lovers who persevered, encouraged and continually moved forward. A synonym for life. Out of great suffering, comes great reward! Although my slowest 50k distance, this was the hardest fought!
Demons 0, Wendy 1! :)
Wendy Foote ’18 – 37 Loops

"Schuetzen Nein was a blast! Great single track trail with lots of varied terrain. Well organized with a fun group of people!"
Danielle Wangsness '15 - 39 loops

“I’m just glad there isn’t a German word that sounds like TWELVE.”
Tim Bergan ’16 – 39 Loops

"If you are strong physically but weak on will power, determination, mental fortitude? This race will test your sanity! Yes it’s only .85 of a mile loop. Yes you change directions twice. Yes it is a beautiful course. No it is not easy. No it is not flat. No it is not a course where you can easily pace yourself."
Mark Powers ’16 – 40 Loops

"If you are looking for a race to not only test your strength but also your psyche, your endurance, and most of your friendships then Schuetzen NEIN! is the race for you.
If you think, 'Oh wow. Only .85 mile per loop. That doesn't seem so bad' - I'd like you to run yourself a relaxing warm bath and light some candles and think about the things you love most. Because you will forget about ALL of them the moment you leave the picnic area and head back out on the trail.
You'll run that loop again and again until you've whittled yourself down to the bare bones of a soul. Nothing left but a nub of a person who has forgotten what happiness felt like. Who has forgotten what it's like to not hate nature."
Rachael Pracht '15 - 25 loops

Registration Details

No paper registration form. No race morning registration. Online registration only.

If the events hits capacity, a waitlist will be maintained and runners will be added to the event as spots become available in the order they joined the wait list. If you do not get signed up on time, please do not despair! Instead, register for the waitlist ASAP! In the past, almost every runner who's gotten on the waitlist in a timely manner has had a spot open for them by the time June rolls around. When a spot opens up, waitlisters will be notified via email of their selection and will have three (3) days to either accept or decline the invitation. Three weeks out from race day, that window of time shortens to 24 hours. When that time is up, the invitation will be passed to the next person on the wait list. Please note that you are charged and your registration finalized ONLY if you accept the waitlist invitation.

If you are unable to participate after having registered, please let us know ASAP via e-mail (green 'Ask a Question?' box at the top right) or Facebook to defer your entry and to open up spots for those on the wait list.
If you choose to defer your entry, you will receive a 100% rollover credit for the amount paid for the following year's race. Please note, the deferral is good for ONE year only. The deadline for the deferral option is May 31st, no exceptions! All deferrals will be notified of early registration opening up (late Jan/early Feb of the following year) via the email address used to register this year. Deferrals will have the week of early registration to redeem their rollover credit which will expire when general registration opens on Friday of that week. There will be no morning of registration.

Event's current local time: 11:06 PM CT


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