Friday, Jan 12, 2024 @ 9:00 PM

TPK Winter Camp

750 Waterloo Road

Stanhope, NJ TPK Winter Camp

This Event Took Place Fri. Jan 12, 2024


Registration closed. If you are interested in participating, please sign up for the waitlist. We will notify you ASAP if we can get you in.

TPK Winter Camp

Two Punk Kids presents TPK Winter Camp
Let's start it off by saying this is "An Event For Extraordinary Nobodies".

January 12th, 2024
Check in: 8:30pm
Starts: 9:00pm
Approx End: Saturday 12pm

Camp Wheeler
750 Waterloo Rd
Stanhope, NJ 07874

At Winter Camp, we will satisfy your adventurous soul through the wonderment of suffering….er, unique challenges and tasks. Our competitors…uh, campers will complete and compete in a series of physical and mental challenges over the duration of the event.

This event is designed to be a stepping stone into our TPK Endurance event. This event is 12-15 hours long and will not have the Rubik's Cube. I know, sorry. You will start this event as a group and for certain tasks you may be broken off into smaller groups of 2-4 people. The goal is to get you to work together as a team, communicate, problem solve and put in some hard work. Ultimately, wear you out physically and mentally before the individual race aspect begins.

We also want to curate part of this experience for those that are signing up. So if this is your first "endurance" race let us know, if you are using this as a training event, let us know for which event. This information will not be used against you or any of the other racers in a negative way.

Things to know

There will be a competitive component to this event but also expect to have your "Good Friends" around while you find yourself hallucinating in the woods. The event will start as a group effort, doing many tasks together. However, you will reach a point in the event where the individual race begins.

Hallucinations and Heavy $h!t.
Skills needed:
Outdoorsy things
Able to carry heavy and awkward weight.
Problem solver

Gear List

Yoga Mat
Weight Plate: 30# Men and 20# Women
Hydration Bladder 2L or 3L recommended
Headlamp (extra batteries)
Basic First Aid Kit
Enough food and water to survive for 12+ hours
2 glow sticks
Safety Whistle
Multi-tool or knife
Pen and Fine Point Sharpie

Prohibited Items:
Any device with GPS or equivalent Functionality
Cell Phones, Radios, or equivalent technology


-You will not have a drop area to store extra food, water and extra gear.
-ALL gear list items will remain in the pack at all times, expect when being used.
For safety, a cellphone is required to be in your pack at all times. We recommend putting it in a waterproof, container. Cell phones are only to be used in an emergency situations only. Once the phone is used, your race will come to an end.
-No GPS watches, trackings, pedometers are allowed.
-No Crew, Pacers or Spectators.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds or transfers of race registration. All sales are final.

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