Saturday, Mar 16, 2024 @ 8:00 AM


10817 Menaul Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 10 Hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 16, 2024

What is Shenanigains?

1. You must register to participate. No exceptions.

**We get a special use permit from the open space that gives us a limited capacity. Register early becuase this event fills up fast, and we strictly honor our permit capacity! It also ensures each participant signs a waiver of liability, we have enough supplies, and most importantly to ensure we remain good stewards of the trails. So friends, please remember to register.

2. This event is free!

3. The event runs 8:00am-6:00pm sharp. You have 10 hours to collect as much as you can or want to. There are special awards for 10,000' climbed, and one extra special award for the self-identifying male and female who climbs the most!

4. You must sign in when you get there and sign out after you are finished. This is part of our responsibility to make sure everyone is as safe and accounted for as possible.

How's it work?
The Whitewash climb is a gnarly, technical climb with 500' of gain in about 0.5 miles. At the top, we will have a pot of gold coins. Each time you summit, grab one coin and head back down, place the coin the collection jar, and make a tally next to your name (for those who came last year: there are no separate cauldrons this year and you will not get to keep the plastic coins, sorry).

Each coin = 500' climbed.

Who will climb the most in 10 hours?

Crew is welcome! Hang out, hike, bring dogs, set up basecamp (our permit is for participant numbers only) - the open space is open to the public. Bring something to share if you like. The picnic table at the bottom is the start/finish of every lap, so you will be back at your re-supply every mile. The picnic table is a pleasant 0.1 mile easy trail from the base of the hill.

We don't care what your Strava shows. Gain will only be counted by coins. This is to keep it equal (counting laps only). We will measure 500' as accurately as possible in advance. It won't be perfect. GPS stuff never is.

The trail will be flagged, but there is no mandatory course up or down. Whatever way you go, always stay on a trail (there are a few up Whitewash). Get a coin and it counts!

Note: part of trail running etiquette in general is staying on pre-existing trails.

Nope, but you should. The purpose is to come challenge yourself and work hard. When you have sufficiently pushed yourself to make going down stairs feel horrific for the next week, you'll know you've earned your coins.

There are no official bathrooms at this trailhead, unfortunately. Plan accordingly. You may absolutely leave the course at any time and come back.

We can't wait!

You can stay in touch with us via Facebook, too! We will post the sign up link there first. We are Avidya Running:

What is Avidya Running?

Avidya is a sanskrit word meaning 'ignorance.' At its core, Avidya Running is an exploration into the dark places of our own ignorance using endurance running as our light. If we confuse mundane life to be the only reality, we remain ignorant of a truer reality. We believe our ignorance is the root of much of our suffering. We put on endurance events to explore the reality of concepts like egos, attachments, aversions, and our identities. We recognize that a community of strong, humble, hardworking people who are also interested in these questions makes a family. Avidya Running is a new race company, currently hosting free events in New Mexico with a mission and vision to grow. Very soon.
Dustin & Julie Sandquist


You may get dropped off at the Menaul Trailhead parking lot (take Menaul all the way to the mountain; there is a parking lot at the end which is the closest spot to our event). Or, if you need to park, please park on Menaul Rd, Monte Largo, Rebonito Road, or Indian School trailhead and enjoy your warm-up walk. There are tons of convenient nearby public roads. We will be there all day and don’t want to take up parking for everyone else (plus we want the open space to continue granting us permits).

What to Bring & Expect

Something delicious to share, sunscreen, plenty of water/drinks, your beastiest legs, poles if you want (Whitewash is technical, steep, and sometimes loose) and grippy trail shoes.

Bring something you don't use (great quality only) and leave with something too! Nice shirts, running gear, hats you never wear, etc.


Everyone gets to take home their pot o' gold at the end!

Special handcrafted, unique, and high-quality trophies awarded for 10,000+ feet climbed.

New this year: two overall most-feet-climbed awards! Whatever self-identifying male and female leaves the most out there gets to take a little extra home.

Who Should Do This

Everyone and no one. It is truly a terrible idea.

As with most terrible ideas, the more the merrier! Anyone willing to donate sweat to the trail is welcome to run with us; this event is accessible and inclusive because you can come push your limit no matter where your limit currently hangs. You don't have to keep up with anyone, beat anyone, or commit to a specific time frame because at its core, this event is all about you vs. Whitewash (you vs. you, really) with lots of friends and treats to help.

Come out and get uncomfortable. The things that don't challenge you won't change you, either.

Note: we reserve the right to make all final decisions about entrants and waitlist applicants.

Event's current local time: 11:19 PM MT


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