August 29 - September 2, 2024

Front Range Ultra Dayze

977 W. First Street

Loveland, CO 200-miler, 100-miler, 100-hour, 72-hour, 48-hour, 24-hour, 12-hour, 6-hour

Front Range Ultra Dayze

Welcome to Front Range Ultra Dayze! 100 hours of ultra-running madness! Our goal is to bring people from all over the U.S. together for a festival of ultra-running in Loveland, CO. All distances are ultra-distances, because there’s no community like the ultra-running community! Runners are allowed to camp at the park from start to finish for free! This will be an epic ultra-running party. Come out and see what you can do!


The timed races will have multiple start times/dates. You are allowed to start late, but your time starts according to the schedule below, therefore your ending time/date will not change when you start late.

100-hour – starts Thursday 8/29 @10:00 AM (ends Monday @2:00 PM)
72-hour – starts Thursday 8/29 OR Friday 8/30 @10:00 AM (ends Sunday OR Monday @10:00 AM)
48-hour – starts Friday 8/30 OR Saturday 8/31 @10:00 AM (ends Sunday OR Monday @ 10:00 AM)
24-hour – starts Saturday 8/31 OR Sunday 9/1 @ 10:00 AM (ends Sunday OR Monday @ 10:00 AM)
12-hour – starts Saturday 8/31 OR Sunday 9/1 @ 10:00 AM (ends Saturday OR Sunday @ 10:00 PM)
6-hour – starts Saturday 8/31 OR Sunday 9/1 @ 10:00 AM (ends Saturday OR Sunday @ 4:00 PM)

Time-based runners are allowed to stop at any time – they do not have to go for the entirety of their chosen duration to receive their awards or results.

Distance-based races runners are also allowed to pick from multiple start dates seen below.

200-mile – starts Thursday, Friday, or Saturday @ 10:00 AM (ends Monday @2:00 PM)
100-mile – starts Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday @ 10:00 AM (ends Monday @2:00 PM)

No matter which start date you choose, all distance-based races end at 2:00 PM on Monday. If you do not finish your distance before that time, you are a DNF. We do not allow drops in distance at the race. You must finish the distance you signed up for or you are a DNF. Keep in mind, that the later you start your distance-based race, the shorter your cutoff will be. For example, for the 200-mile race, if you start on the latest date, you will have a 52-hour cutoff.

Awards Ceremony – 3:00 PM on Monday. It is not required that you pick up your reward at the ceremony. If you’d like to leave immediately after the conclusion of your race that’s fine. We will announce/award the top 3 males and females in each race at the ceremony.

100x100 Club

Anyone in the 100x100 club (100 100-mile finishes) is allowed free entry! Reach out to us! If registering for multiple events with free entry, swag (beanie/dry bag) will only be given for one entry. You will still earn buckles for each event.

Aspiring to reach the 100x100 club? Or any other club? FRUD is the perfect event to run in multiple races. It is possible achieve 3 separate 100-mile races at FRUD if you are so inclined! You must do so in accordance with the schedule above. Remember, you can start an event late, but not early.

If you want to run more than one event in the same year reach out to us after you've registered for your first event. We will give you 30% off your second event, and 60% off your third. You must reach out BEFORE registering for additional events, we cannot issue refunds. You will only receive swag (beanie, dry bag) for the event you paid full price, but you will earn buckles for each event.


The route is a 2-mile “loop” consisting of about 80% dirt trail and 20% pavement. Runners will start near the shelter in Centennial Park, run a loop in River’s Edge Natural Area, and go back to Centennial Park entering the start/finish from the opposite direction. The course is flat, fast, and beautiful!

Additional Info and Rules

The race will be chip timed. Wearing your chip at all times (and appropriately) is required. Failure to do so will result in laps not being counted.

After finishing a lap do not cross under the start line again until you finish your next lap (to avoid false reads). Our start line will be set up in such a manner that you must exit/enter the course at least 25 yards from the start line.

No pacers are allowed for any distance. It’s a short loop and you should have lots of company out there! If you want a pacer, have them register for a race!

You cannot receive help from your crew while on course. You must go to a designated crew area to receive assistance.

Cutting curves, littering, or entering the course anywhere besides where you left will result in disqualification.

No dogs on course.

Camping is allowed at Fairgrounds Park. You must do so in the race’s designated area. NO STAKES OVER 6 INCHES ARE ALLOWED due to the parks irrigation system. Pop-ups MUST be weighed down with a minimum of 40 lbs/leg. 5-gallon buckets filled with water work well for meeting this requirement. This is a city law and there will be no exceptions. If you disobey this rule, you will be asked to leave, and your time/distance will not be recorded. Not following city/park rules puts our permit in jeopardy.

There is no camping allowed outside of race hours. Therefore, no camping is allowed the night before the race or the night that the race ends. Camping is not normally allowed in the park, and we have acquired a special permit for doing so. Camping outside of the allowed dates will likely result in a fine.

We will have one aid station with all your typical runner’s food open 24/7 directly beside the start/finish. Additionally, we will cook 2 hot meals daily at breakfast (9:00 – 10:30 AM) and Dinner (5:30 PM – 7:00 PM) Our sole electrolyte/carbohydrate beverage is Proxima C Endurance Fuel – the best ultra-running fuel on the planet. You can find out more about Proxima C at

Races start at 10:00 AM each day. There are no special start times. You may start late, but not early. When starting late, your time still starts at 10:00 AM.

*This is not a complete list of rules. A runner's manual will follow with more details.

For the first year, our permit allows for 10-12 RVs in the east parking lot. When you register, you will have the option to reserve a permitted spot for an RV. Once those are taken, we cannot allow for any additional RV's. A vehicle that is slept in or used as a runner's crew area is not an RV, especially if it fits in a standard parking spot.


All registrations receive...

A 5-liter FRUD Waterproof Dry Bag - These are the perfect drop bags!

Pompom FRUD beanie – perfect for reminding you during your offseason of the warmer weather at FRUD.

Ultraverse Supplements collapsible cup (this is a cupless race)

Finishers (remember ALL time-based runners are finishers no matter when they stop)

Lots of different buckles for ALL ultra-distances! 50k, 50-mile, 100k, 100-mile, 150-mile, 200-mile, 250-mile, 300-mile, and 350-miles! Buckles will get larger with distance.

Special awards for 1st-3rd (male and female) in each race (TBD)

We get a lot of people that say they have a full closet full of race shirts that they never wear, so we went another direction! If you want a FRUD race shirt, don’t stress! We will have a few different options at the race!

Deferral & Withdrawal


100% credit if canceled prior to 45 days of the race.
75% credit if canceled prior to 30 days of the race.
50% credit if canceled prior to14 days of the race.

no credit is given for cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to the race. You’ll still be listed as DNS if notification is not given prior to 3 days before the race starts.

Please understand that there are no exceptions to these timelines. Please, don’t ask us to make one (we won’t).

•Races should deferred/withdrawn from BY THE RUNNER, rather than by messaging/emailing us.

• You will earn credit for ANY Ultraverse Supplements race, rather than being limited to the race in which you cancelled/deferred.

• The credit will be attached to your Ultrasignup account and will automatically apply the next time you register for an Ultraverse Supplements event. Note - sending an email to us does not initiate the cancellation of your registration. You must do this yourself for the credit to apply. You can do this by signing into Ultrasignup and then going to your registrations and clicking “edit”.

• Your credit appears in your registration history under "outstanding credits and coupons".

• Credit will be valid for one year, cannot be “gifted” to another runner, and you must use the same Ultrasignup account in which you originally registered for the race that you withdrew from.

No bib transfers

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