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Copper Canyons Endurance Runs

Cerocahui, Chihuahua, Mexico

Cerocahui, Mexico Camp Corre Libre, 50K Ultramarathon, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

Registration closes: Wed, Nov 20 @ 11:59PM CT


The Copper Canyons Endurance Runs encompass so much more than just a race. These 'running pilgrimages' are created as a cultural exchange that introduces you to the beauty of the lands, the people, and the culture of the Sierra Tarahumara. The events also allow the local athletes of the Sierra Tarahumara an opportunity to interact and share experiences with international runners. All details for the events, the races, the run camp, the all-inclusive package details, etc can be found on our website (or click the website button here on Ultrasignup).

We offer all inclusive cultural packages for each event. We do offer race event only options for those that want to handle their own logistics and travel, but recommend joining the group so that the your focus can be on living in the moment and participating in a week that will be with you forever. (please read pricing information next before entering into registration as it explains how to register for each option based on your preferences.)

*This event supports the projects of True Messages (a 501c3 nonprofit)*

Event Pricing and Registration Options (please read!)


Camp Corre Libre All Inclusive Package: $2250
Camp Corre Libre is only all-inclusive and includes the race of your choice at the end of camp, simply select the Camp option on the registration button.

Copper Canyons 50K Ultra Race Only: $60
Copper Canyons Marathon Race Only $50
Copper Canyons Half Marathon Race Only $40

Copper Canyon Endurance Runs

Our friend Micah True (Caballo Blanco) said “We are the Messengers”. Micah may no longer be with us, but his simple message of love, and peace and people from all over the world coming to run and experience the beauty of the peoples and the lands of the Sierra Tarahumara will last forever. The seed that Micah planted with the (now named in his honor) Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco continues to be one of running’s most magical events. It is our goal to do all we can to carry on Micah’s message and introduce more of the lands and bring more athletes together and create more opportunity for these loving communities of the Barrancas del Cobre.

(for more information and event specifics please go to

Copper Canyons Ultra/Marathon/Half Marathon

The Copper Canyons Endurance Runs are a magical cultural and athletic journey in the Barrancas del Cobre (known locally as the Sierra Tarahumara or La Sierra), the deepest and largest canyon system in North America. You’ll meet and compete alongside the indigenous peoples of these lands, the Raramuri endurance runners who many came to know via the best-selling book ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall. Your running experience will take you on ancient trails and pathways that reveal some of the most beautiful and challenging landscapes on the planet. You will run up a steep mountains, down technical descents, over a fertile valley and experience a run that will become etched in your mind for life.

In addition to your race, the trip will expose you to the culture and beauty of the Barrancas through music, dance, food, crafts, cultural education, ancient temezcal ceremonies, and even a full day at one of the planet's most ‘adventurous’ adventure parks and then finishing with the magnificent Festival de Cerocahui!.

Camp Corre Libre (Camp Run Free)

The multi-day ‘Camp Corre Libre’ is an educational, cultural, and athletic journey with and through the Copper Canyons (la Sierra Tarahumara), the largest and deepest canyon system in North America. You’ll meet and share trails and conversations with the indigenous peoples of these lands, the famed Raramuri endurance runners who many came to know via the best selling book ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall. Over six full days you’ll experience the magic of the Barrancas and memories that will become etched in your mind for life.

Your days include: 'Running Free" ideas, techniques, shared learnings and educational sessions led by Endurance Running Legends. You will also be running on ancient Raramuri trails (different pace groups to accommodate all athletes). Your evenings will be filled with immersion into the culture and beauty of the Barrancas through music, dance, food, temezcal, plus an adventure park, craft education, and story telling, all culminating with a run like no other and the magnificent Festival de Cerocahui! **race of your choice is included in Camp Corre Libre pricing, you will choose once in the Sierra

Event's current local time: 10:20 AM CT


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