March 26 - April 1, 2024

Corre LIbre Run and Trek

10 Ave Principal

Urique, Mexico Camp Corre Libre

This Event Took Place Mon. Apr 1, 2024


It has now been 12 years since Micah ‘El Caballo Blanco’ had his last run, but his legacy and spirit are still alive in the Sierra Tarahumara. This year again in late March we will gather for the 4th time to celebrate and honor his life. This event was created because the Raramuri community wanted to honor all the good Korima and opportunities that Micah created here in the Sierra and share a week of celebration.

The Run and Trek event is sponsored by True Messages and directed by the legendary Rarámuri runner Arnulfo Quimare. This is not a race, this is a celebration run/trek/hike in some of the most beautiful trails anywhere on the planet. The event is truly ‘old school’, challenging and mostly self-supported. The run and trek will start in the beautiful hamlet of Urique Chihuahua and finish at the Raramuri ranchito of Sorichiqui high in the Sierra on a magical mesa that overlooks the Batopilas Canyon. The first three years this event has been only for the local Raramuri runners, but this year we are excited to invite others that want to celebrate these lands, Micah’s life and works along with this community and also those that appreciate an old-school type of adventure.

For those visiting from the outside these canyon walls the event offers much more than just the run/trek day. True Messages along with All We Do Is Run and Arnulfo and his Sorichiqui community have created an all-inclusive five-day agenda (March 27 - April 1) that provides an opportunity to experience, share and fully connect with the lands and peoples of the Sierra Tarahumara.



* All necessary Round Trip Transportation from Ciudad Chihuahua Host Hotel to the Copper Canyons and return to Host Hotel.

* All nights Lodging including Chihuahua Host Hotel the night prior to departure (does not include Monday night hotel upon return to Chihuahua). Accommodations at Chihuahua and Batopilas Hotels are double occupancy (those traveling as a single will be assigned a room with another runner). Entre Amigos nights will include a bed in the ‘Big House’ or a shared room, The evening on the Sorichiqui Mesa all will be assigned their own tent (couples can share).

* All Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners throughout the trip, *departure days breakfast not included as it is too early so make sure to grab something for the ride until we take a stop break. Also note for the run there is only 2 aid locations and they will over very minimal support, please be self prepared these days.

* Nightly entertainment and celebrations

* All Camp story and educational sessions

* Memorial Run and Trek Entry (60K Run 40K Trek)

* Custom Raramuri artisan handmade finisher award and special event gift

* Perhaps something extra special from the Camp Leaders?!


All inclusive: $1350

Run or Trek Only: No Cost (please support True Messages with a donation if you are able)



3:00 PM: Check in available at Chihuahua Host Hotel. Check in available throughout the remainder of the day and evening.

5:30 PM: For those who have arrived and would like to join the group, many of us will get together for a little walking tour of Centro Chihuahua and hit a couple of enjoyable spots for a drink and dinner. ** this evening is not part of the package so meals and such not are not included (hotel is included this evening however)


6:00 AM: Transportation will depart Chihuahua Quality Inn, all athletes must load bags and board by 5:50 - we have a long ride to Urique but we will see what we can do to make it a fun one.

11:30 AM: Lunch stop in Creel. In addition to getting our first taste of some Sierra Tarahumara tacos and gorditas, we plan to stretch the legs a little run or hike. The run/hike is one that exactly replicates the one Micah would do when he was hosting us all back in the day and that first gang of Mas Locos back in 2006. The same trail, and the same wisdoms will be shared.

4:00 PM: Arrival at Entre Amigos in Urique, check in, find your bed, explore grounds and settle in.

6:00 PM: Dinner at Bougainvillea.

7:00 PM: Always appropriate to wander the on down the road and have a couple cervezas and pass some hugs to Mama Tita at her famous Plaza Restaurante.

8:00 PM: Fire, music and sharing at Entre. There may be something passed around that is local to only the Sierra Tarahumara - it may or may not taste like the beautiful fire we are sitting around.


7:30 AM: Breakfast is served at Bougainvillea.

9:00 AM: Don’t be too long with breakfast. We are going to load up and get a ride out to the footbridge to Los Alisos then a nice up run/hike. One of Micah’s most favorite spots in all the Sierra, home to his good friends and also his honor shrine. A special place with friends and Messages to be shared. After a run back down to the river you can hop in and get a ride back to Entre or if you prefer add some run miles.

4:30 PM: Temezcal for everyone. Purely just an chance to sweat all the toxins out of your body OR a truly transformational opportunity in your life - YOU DECIDE

6:30 PM: Traditional Camp Dinner at Bougainvillea

8:00 PM: Fire and Sierra Tarahumara stories (maybe some drumming). Arnulfo and your Camp Hosts will be sharing some of their favorite stories, learnings and wisdoms from these lands - don’t miss this night!


7:30 AM: Breakfast is served at Bougainvillea.

9:30 AM: Group Hike up to Guadalupe Coronado. A nice long day tomorrow so an easy stroll today 3 miles up and three miles back down. Maybe a chance to play a little ball or have a Rarajipari demonstration with the kids and community? On the way back it’s a nice little downhill so maybe we work up a sweat and pop in the Rio for a cool down?

5:00 PM: Our Raramuri friends that are running with us Saturday should have all arrived. We will round up all together and talk a little about the Run, Micah’s Message and Arnulfo’s plans for after the run.

7:00 PM: Easy dinner with all of us along the river tonight. Pack up everything except what you will be running with so it can get loaded and transported to Sorichiqui for you. Get some good sleep - a magical weekend an amazing run/trek awaits you in the morning.



7:00 AM: Breakfast at Mama Tita’s with all the runners and hikers.

8:15 AM: A little ceremony in the Urique Plaza before the run.

8:30 AM: Corre Libre Micah True Memorial Run and Trek - Urique to Sorichiqui. “When you run on the Earth and with the Earth you can run Forever”. Today We Run Together and We Run Free!

1:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Celebration in Sorichiqui to honor Micah True and the Raramuri communities of the Sierra Tarahumara. Cultural exchange opportunity. A day and night you will have for life.


7:30 AM: Shared coffee and a couple morning burritos with this community

8:30 AM: Group hike to Batopilas. Past ancient dwellings, through Munirachi and Cerro Colorado and into Batopilas where we will stop at the “Establo de Caballo Blanco”

4:00 PM: Check into Real de Mina and maybe grab a nap, or wander around this truly Magic little pueblo and have a cerveza?

6:30 AM: Dinner at one of Micah’s favorite little restaurants and perhaps some reflection on a few days and a few runs in the majestic Sierra Tarahumara. For those inclined, let’s sit in the Plaza, listen to a little music under the stars and have a couple beers after dinner.


6:00 AM: For anyone feeling fresh and able to move and wanting to stretch before the long ride back to Chihuahua - let’s run out to ‘The lost Mission”. This place is amazing and no one really knows how it came to be. We have to move, make sure we are back in time for the ride, so extra coffee if you are coming.

9:00 AM: Transportation departs Batopilas for Chihuahua. You got a nice long ride to relax and tell tall tales about your run and show your scars and all that. We will for sure have a couple stops to break up the ride.

4:30 PM (time approximate): Arrive back to Centro Chihuahua


For details on the Camp Accommodations, entertainment, cultural opportunities, Camp hosts, and other information please see our webpage. Also PLEASE reach out to our hosts and directors with any questions - we are happy to answer anything and will try to make happen any special requests.

Event's current local time: 8:39 AM MT


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