June 8 - 9, 2024
This Event Took Place Sun. Jun 9, 2024


Join us on June 8-9, 2024, for the Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour, 12-Hour & Midnight Marathon at Rockland Lake State Park, just 45 min. north of New York City. Featuring a scenic, "pancake flat" and fast 2.95 mile paved loop around beautiful Rockland Lake. Get ready for your PR!

Whether this is your first ever ultra, or you're going for a national record, this is your race! We strive to provide a high standard of runner service and support for all participants, regardless of ability.


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Register by mail: Download entry form on our website

Through April 30: 24 hr $130, 12 hr $90, Midnight Marathon $60
Through May 31: 24 hr $155, 12 hr $110, Midnight Marathon $75
Through June 5: 24 hr $180, 12 hr $130, Midnight Marathon $90

Strictly no race-day registration. Entries cannot be transferred to another person.


Saturday, June 8:

6:30AM: Participants may begin setting up their personal rest areas
7:00AM: 12 & 24-Hour Packet Pickup opens
8:00AM: Start of 24-Hour and 12-Hour races
8:00PM: 12-Hour race ends
8:30PM: 12-Hour awards ceremony
11:00PM: Packet pickup for Midnight Marathon

Sunday, June 9

12:00AM: Start of Midnight Marathon (to be clear: midnight Saturday night / 12AM Sunday morning)
8:00AM: 24-Hour race ends, Marathon cutoff
8:30AM: 24-Hour Awards ceremony
10:00AM: Deadline for participants to pack up and vacate the race staging area


A scenic, flat and fast 2.95-mile paved pathway around Rockland Lake, accurately measured & USATF certified course. Marathon is just shy of 9 laps.
The entire loop was repaved in 2020 and is in excellent shape - smooth, flat, no bumps, cracks or potholes. About 50% of the course is shaded, 50% exposed. Race-Day Central and 12-Hour and 24-Hour start are near Parking field 5. Midnight Marathon start is about 7 minutes walk north of Race-Day Central

IMPORTANT: There are no lights on the course. Headlamps are highly recommended after dark.


Lap counting will be done manually by race staff. Please ensure your race bib is visible on the front of your torso (not your side, leg, back etc.) each time you pass the counting station, and Aid Stations 1 & 2, otherwise your laps won't be counted!

Note for 24-Hour & 12-Hour runners: Aid stations 1 & 2 on the loop are measured from the start line, and in the last 30 minutes of the race runners passing these points will be recorded and receive credit for the extra distance, in case they do not complete a full final loop before the race ends.

Aid Station 1: +1.15 miles, Aid Station 2: +2.34 miles


There will be one well-stocked main aid station in the race staging area, and two basic aid stations along the loop (near mile 1 and mile 2 points) with water only.

All food and snacks are for registered runners only - helpers will need to bring their own.

The main aid station will have the usual ultra fair: Chips, nuts, pretzels, cookies, gels, fresh fruit, etc. There will also be light food such as soup and potatoes available periodically. All food will be vegetarian.
There will be no kitchen on-site, food will be prepared off-site and brought to the race. We are unable to customize meals, prepare anything specific, or re-heat food.

There are several groceries and delis within a mile or two of the park. Old World Food Market is an excellent, large and well-stocked grocery store with hot and cold food bars located a little further away - about 10 minutes from the park, near the junction of 9W and I287. Open 8am-9pm daily. Other than the small food mart at the Shell station about 5 min. away, we are not aware of anything nearby open overnight.

Alcohol is strictly not allowed in the park.


You can set up your own rest area on the grass along either side of the pathway, anywhere past the lap counting station and before the restroom. There is plenty of room for everyone to spread out. Tables, chairs and tents are not provided, you will need to bring your own. This area is exposed to the sun and rain, canopies / pop-up tents are allowed but with a maximum size of 10' x 10', must be secured to the ground, and if you are attaching sidewalls one side must be left off - completely open. Camping tents, changing tents, and any type of tent that can be fully enclosed are strictly not allowed - there is no camping permitted in the park, and the park officials are strict about not allowing totally enclosable tents of any description (for real - they come check!)

RVs will be allowed in the parking lot (no hookups), but please email us at least one week before the race with the length of your RV and we will secure permission from the park.

You can also use your vehicle for resting and to store any valuables or items you'd rather not leave exposed - parking field 5 is just off the course. If you bear left after the counting station, the pathway passes next to the long row of parking spots on the east side of the lot, and re-joins the race course at the restroom. This detour adds about 110 meters.

We cannot be responsible for valuables left unattended.


Visitors and helpers / race crew are most welcome (the more the merrier!), but please keep in mind they must provide their own food and snacks - the main aid station is strictly for runners only.

Also, there is strictly no pacing allowed - runners may not be accompanied for any portion of any lap.


There are three restrooms along the course: One at parking field 5 about 150 meters past the lap counting station, one at parking field 6, and one at parking field 3. All have running water, and are lit at night. No showers.


Medical personnel will be present on-site during the entire race, for emergencies only. (No massages, etc.)

Runners exhibiting medical issues may be asked to drop out of the race, at the discretion of the on-duty race director and / or medical personnel. These decisions are final.


-Runners are requested to wear headlamps after dark, there are no lights on the course. The race staging area will have minimal electric lighting.
-Aid stations 1 & 2 will be staffed overnight and will serve as additional checkpoints.
-A cyclist will circle the course continuously from sundown (8:30PM) until sunup (5:24AM)
The park is closed to the public from sundown until sunup.
-A park police vehicle will be on patrol in the park, special for this event.


Custom race shirts for all participants registered by May 23! Sizes are Unisex X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL


Men’s and Women’s awards categories, for both 24-Hour and 12-Hour
Under 50: Top 3
50-59: Top 2
60-69: First Place
70 and over: First place

Midnight Marathon:
Overall: Top 3 men, Top 3 women

Awards Ceremonies:
12-Hour: Saturday 8:30PM
24-Hour: Sunday 8:30AM
Midnight Marathon: Awards will be presented as runners finish

Medals for all finishers of any event


Participants in any event must be 18 or older on race day.


We're sorry, park rules prohibit pets in any part of the park, from May through September, whether leashed or unleashed.


Please visit our race webpage for directions and lodging info:


Founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1977 to promote the importance of physical fitness as a complement to spiritual growth, the Marathon Team strives to serve the running community according to the highest standards. Professional certified courses, frequent aid stations, accurate scoring, and a friendly and supportive atmosphere encourage all runners to achieve their own personal bests.

Several countries have chosen our races as the venue for their own national championships, and many national and world records have been set at these events. Over the years the Marathon Team has sponsored a variety of sporting events around the world, including triathlons, masters track meets, cycling races, swim meets and ultra-marathons. Today, the SCMT organizes over 1,700 events a year in 27 countries across 4 continents

The Marathon Team is perhaps most well-known for its multi-day ultra-running events, most notably the Self-Transcendence 3,100-mile race held each year in New York City. Called the “Everest of Ultra-Running” by The New York Times, the event requires participants to complete a minimum average of 59 miles a day for up to 52 days in a row.

Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy of ‘self-transcendence’ permeates all Marathon Team events. “When we transcend ourselves, we do not compete with others,” he states. “We compete only with our previous achievements. And each time we surpass our previous achievements, we get joy.”

"The determination in your heroic effort
Will permeate your mind and heart
Even after your success or failure
Is long forgotten."

-Sri Chinmoy, Founder

Event's current local time: 4:11 PM ET


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