Saturday, Mar 30, 2024 @ 12:00 PM

Red Moshannon Downriver Race

40.993389, -78.081111

Grassflat, PA 7.5 Mile Solo, 7.5 Mile Team

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 30, 2024


Welcome back for the 56th Red Moshannon Downriver Race!

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*Inflatable Kayaks
*K1 Whitewater Gold, Age 55+
*C1 Wildwater
*K1 Wildwater Master, Age 40+
*K1 Wildwater Women
*OC + Dog, notify race officials at check-in, Dog PFD’s required
*K1 Women Unlimited
*K1 Women Rec, under 14ft

*K1 Men Rec Long – will be combined with K1 Men Unlimited Long, 14ft and over
*K1 Women Rec Medium – consolidated into K1 Women Rec, under 14ft
*K1 Women Rec Short– consolidated into K1 Women Rec, under 14ft
*K1 Women Whitewater Composite – consolidated into K1 Whitewater Composite
*OC1 Men Long – consolidated into OC1 Men
*OC1 Men Medium - consolidated into OC1 Men
*OC1 Men Short - consolidated into OC1 Men
*OC1 Women Long – consolidated into OC1 Women
*OC1 Women Medium - consolidated into OC1 Women
*OC1 Women Short - consolidated into OC1 Women
*Youth Plastic – consolidated into Youth Unlimited
*Youth Composite – consolidated into Youth Unlimited

Other Announcements
1. No day-of-event race entries.
2. All racers must register by March 15th.
3. There will be an awards banquet immediately following the race at Saint Severin social hall in Drifting, PA. A hot meal will be available for purchase.
4. Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) racers are to paddle from a standing position. Active paddling while kneeling or sitting is prohibited and may result in disqualification.
5. Rudders & Skegs are not allowed at the Red Mo Race.

About the Event

Held on a remote 7.5-mile section of Moshannon Creek between Peale Bridge near the town of Grassflat, PA and the Route 53 Bridge near the town of Moshannon, PA. At moderate levels this section of creek is rated Class II+ on the International Scale of Difficulty. High water significantly increases the difficulty. Extra flotation in boats is highly recommended. Most years there are numerous swims and bent boats! Cold water paddling clothing is highly recommended. The water & air temperatures are usually very cold.

Time & Location
Race Day: Saturday, March 30, 2024
Schedule of events on race morning:
Please set your shuttle prior to racer check-in in the morning
9AM to 11AM: Racer check-in and bib pickup at Start Location.
11:30 AM: Racer Meeting at the Start Location.
Noon: Race Starts

Start Location (Peale Bridge):
40.993389, -78.081111
Finish Location (Rt. 53 Bridge):
41.036778, -78.057778
Awards Banquet & Additional Vehicle Parking (St. Severin's):
41.028857, -78.107834


• Life jackets must be worn properly throughout the race. Life jacket must be U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type I, III, or V (Special Use Device). No automatic- or manual-inflating life jackets.
• Race bib must be worn and visible over life jacket during the race. If racing tandem, the bow paddler must wear the bib.
• Helmets are required for all kayaks, decked canoes, and SUPs. Helmets are encouraged for open canoes and inflatables.
• All boats in “Canoe” and “SUP” divisions must be propelled with single blade paddles.
• Operating automatic or powered floor bailers is prohibited.
• Rudders and skegs are prohibited on all boats. If the rudder or skeg cannot be removed, it must be disabled such that operation and use does not occur during the race. Fins are permitted on SUPs.
• Boats with pedal drive, foot drive, or any other means of propulsion other than single or double-bladed paddles are prohibited.
• Decking for open canoes limited to 36” bow & 36” stern. Splash rails cannot exceed 1.5” from hull. Extra flotation placed in canoes/kayaks is highly recommended.
• Minimum age of solo kayak or canoe paddler is 16 years of age, unless participating in the Youth class or OC2 Over/Under class.
• All Youth participants must be accompanied by an adult on the racecourse, unless they have received written approval from Race Officials prior to race day. If a parent/guardian is accompanying a Youth solo racer the guardian does not need to pay a race entry fee.
• SUP racers are to paddle from a standing position. Active paddling while kneeling or sitting is limited to ruddering and bow/stern draws. Taking more than two forward strokes may result in disqualification. Exceptions may be made for moments of exhaustion or re-entry.
• Racers may compete in an age-restricted race class if they qualify, but are not limited to that race class. Racers may compete in only one race class.
• Racers must be in control of their boat while crossing the start and finish line.
• Racers must notify race officials if they drop out of the competition for any reason and turn in bib to sweep boat.
• Any paddler or boat found in violation of these rules may result in disqualification.
• HIGH WATER CONTINGENCY. Race organizers may, at their discretion, choose to cancel or postpone the race if the level on the Rt. 53 bridge gage is projected to be above four feet on the day of the race.
• Race Officials’ decisions are final.

Historical Results & Information

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