March 14 - 18, 2024

Santa Cruz Island Adventure

1691 Spinnaker Dr #105B

Ventura, CA Santa Cruz Island Adventure

This Event Took Place Mon. Mar 18, 2024

Welcome To The Rock

Santa Cruz Island Adventure

March 14-18, 2024

Members of the AllWeDoIsRun family and friends.

Let’s visit Santa Cruz Island. Informal group camping, trekking, running adventure at Santa Cruz Island with an optional Wilderness First Aid Workshop.

Santa Cruz Island California

Getting There
We will RT travel to Santa Cruz Island with Island Packers Cruises
Island Packers Cruises
Time Sensitive Make Reservations Now (ferry service will sell out)

Follow these steps:
1. Go To
2. Select Trips
3. Select Santa Cruz Island (SCI)
4. Select Scorpion Anchorage Camping
(Prices $84 Adult $79 Senior 55 Years +)
5. Select Your Dates
6. Book It

Being There
Tent Camping at Santa Cruz Island Scorpion
We have camp sites reserved and confirmed for four nights
Thursday, March 14 - Sunday, March 17
Site #13 Tent Only Non-Electric (6 person)
Site #E Tent Only Non-Electric (15 person)

You will be responsible for your own personal camp and sleep gear.
We will pre-plan potluck dinner for each night.
You will be responsible for own personal breakfast and lunch.

Running and Trekking
We will coordinate group running and trekking routes.

Wilderness First Aid Certification
Optional Wilderness First Aid with Emilie Bard, EMT-B

This course is the Wilderness First Aid Certification from HSI, the Health and Safety Institute. The Certification is good for two years. You will also receive a CPR certification from the American Heart Association. 

You will learn how to treat injuries and illnesses in the wilderness using what you have around you. Splints from sticks? No problem. Tourniquets with twigs? Great! You will also learn important decision making skills such as when to evacuate an injured person and when to treat on site. Using fake wounds, superb acting skills and a lot of group work, you will leave the training with more knowledge, hands on experience and a Wilderness First Aid patch to show off to your friends.

Emilie has worked as an EMT for ultra runners for almost ten years (with a brief break in the ultra world for COVID). Because of this, the training and scenarios will focus on unique situations that ultra runners, or runners in general, face. Emilie has been teaching CPR, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid and OSHA classes for the last five years. She currently teaches in a variety of settings including health care, schools, nonprofits, prisons, and island campsites.

Event's current local time: 11:53 PM PT

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