Shadows of the South Virtual Run Club

This is not a race! This is a virtual run / running club. We have 100 mile and 50 mile point to point routes. This challenge, open to everyone in the club. To join the club and have a go at the challenge then you join the club above where it says register for our virtual run. Once you join we will send you the map of the route which is From Franklin, North Carolina south on the Bartram Trail. The 50 miler finishes at Warwoman Dell and the 100 miler finishes at Upper Whitewater Falls. This is hands downs he most scenic point to point 50 and 100 miles you can do on the East Coast.

How it Works

You can run this route anytime form Jan `1 - December 31st.

The 100 mile must be completed within 50 hours and the 50 miler in 20 hours.
The 100 goes through 3 states. The 50 goes through 2.

The 100 has approximately 23,000 ft gain same loss.
50 mile has 13,000 gain same loss.
Both start out with 10 easy miles on paved path / pavement followed by MASSIVE mountain climbs with epic views.

We will send you a GPX, a map, access points for supporters and suggested aid spots.
This is absolutely a HARD mountain route with some exposure and a lot of high ridges and low valleys. Meaning that weather can change drastically from the valley to summits. The first half of the course has decent cell coverage with Verizon and the 2nd half its almost none. It is recommended you have a spot, Garmin in reach, Zoleo or equivalent where you can send an SOS or messages to your crew. You would be dumb to do this without people crewing you.

Basically the route goes Bartram Trail to Chatooga River Trail to Foothills trail for the 100. This is not a race nor will it be a race. We hope that this club encourages you to see a part of the South that you didn't know existed. These trails are beautiful to say the least.

IF you finish within the time then submit your time to us and we will mail you the buckle or medallion.
Again this is not a race but a club challenge.

What You Get

A 100 mile buckle if you finish the 100 mile under 50 hours. A medallion if you finish the 50 miler under 20 hours.
Your time recorded and a big CONGRATS!

Course Details

First 10 miles is paved on the Bartram Trail in Franklin to the trailhead. This is big mountain climbing for the next 60 ish miles.
After that it will be very rocky rooty and technical along the Chattooga corridor for the last 30 ish miles.

Access gets more and more for the 100 the further you get.

Safety / recommendations

This course will begin to get extremely overgrown starting in mid to late May until November. most trail work is down winter spring and fall. Summer will bc more water on the trail for filtering.

You will have 8 miles or so on paved roads so be careful of cars.
The high point of this route is right at 4900 ft. Low point is about 1700 ft. After leaves are down this will be harder. before late April the leaves will still be down and it could be really bright and hot sun with no shade so plan for that.

For weather We would check Clayton Ga for the high and Rabun Bald Summit for the low. Keep in mind the wind up high! Also note that for access with your crew, some spots may have season gates closed. Those are listed in the guide when you sign up for our club.

Recommended that you have the GAIA gps app, have the GPX downloaded to your watch and the directions on there as well. With any questions please ask ahead of time. However we do not hold hands bc this is not a race. Thanks for joining the club and keeping this run alive!

Club Rules

No refunds, transfers or deferments. No whining. Do not leave any trash, break any laws or hurt the trail in any way possible.

We require you take the following selfie photos during the route...
1. You in Downtown Franklin
2. White Rock overlook
3.Glen Falls
4.Rabun Bald Summit
5. Pinnacle Knob
100 only...
6. Dicks Creek Falls
7. Kings Creek Falls
8. Jocassee Overlook from Foothills Trail
9. Upper Whitewater Falls overlook at the finish

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