Saturday, Sep 28, 2024 @ 7:00 AM

15 Hours of Fun Run

5537 Centerville Road

Williamsburg, VA 15 Hours of Fun Run

Registration closes: Wed, Sep 25 @ 2:59 PM ET

What is this race about?

This is a 15 Hour race to replace the My First 50 race! The race will be on Saturday, September 28, 2024. Overall awards will not be given, but awards will be given for completing one of the following distances: 50k, 50 mile, 100k. You will be asked when registering to set a goal distance and volunteers will hold you accountable! This race will be new ultra runner friendly and training runs will be scheduled leading up to the race. The course is challenging but doable! This is a small race and will not exceed 150 runners. The race start is 7:00 am and the course will be closed at 10:00pm. Sunset is around 7:45pm, sunrise 7:00am.

About the Course

The course is a loop. Is this an easy trail? NO! Is this an easier trail than running in the mountains? YES! The loop is a little over 10 miles, so there will be 3 loops for the 50k and 5 loops for the 50 mile, 6 loops for 100k. Seven miles of the loop will be single track mountain bike trail, 2 miles paved and a bit of doubletrack. Course is technical and scenic, lights will be required at sunset. More details and a course map as we get closer, the elevation is about 700 ft per loop, rolling with with switchbacks. 2000ft total in the 50k and about 3500 in the 50 miler. There will be 3 aid station per loop- 3.5 miles, 4.8 miles and 8.5 miles into the loops.

Replacing "My First 50"

This race replaces the "My First 50" race from 2022-23. This 15 hour format eliminates the DNF. Even though the format is different, we still want you to set a goal! Pick your goal distance and we will post it and encourage you to complete it. This race is newbie friendly with plenty of aid along the course, but even seasoned ultra runners are welcome! Runners with goals of 50 miles or 100k will be running in the dark- our goal is to have pacers available for those not comfortable with the darkness, but practice at night if you can! Only want to do one 10 mile loop? That is fine also! It is your 15 hours to run whatever you can. You can leave early and return or even just wait and start later in the day. The 15 hour format is flexible that way.

Event's current local time: 11:55 AM ET

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