Saturday, Sep 28, 2024

Hindsight Ultra Trail Runs

1605 Washington Ave

Dixon, IL 100 Miler, 100k, 50k, 25K

Registration closes: Mon, Sep 23 @ 11:59PM CT


Hindsight was born during the year 2020. As runners were training and hoping that their race was still going to happen, races continued to be cancelled. Not wanting to ‘waste’ that training, we put together a ‘Fatass’ style event to put our training to good use and named it Hindsight (because hindsight is always 2020 and all we wanted to do was to participate in an event and put the rest of it behind us).
The following year, it was back due to popular demand and in 2022, we made it a formal event. While we have sign-up and formal finish times/results, we will do our best to maintain the grassroots feel to the event.
This is a great event for any runners looking to complete their first Ultra distance, complete the next distance on their list, or want to train for the next ‘A’ race.

The Course

The start line is located behind the Dixon Park District Facility in Dixon IL.
It is a 7.85ish mile loop. 2 loops will get you a 25, 4 loops will get you a 50k, 8 loops a 100k, and 13 loops get you 103 (3 extra credit) miles.
The course is a blend of everything except water crossings and mountains. Roughly 50% singletrack, 30% grassy meadows path, and 20% gravel path.
Total elevation for the 100 mile is roughly 6200’ which calculates to just under 60’/mile.
While the course is maintained, expect there to be tree roots, small tree stumps, some rocks, ankle rollers, and anything else you would expect to be on a singletrack course.

Aid Stations, Crew, and Pacing

There are 2 aid stations; Start/Finish (S/F) and a water station that is at mile 3.7ish. At S/F, there will be water, snacks. hot food options through the night, plus anything that volunteers and runners might bring to share. Pizza is usually ordered for Saturday evening from a local pizza establishment. At the 3.7ish mile water station, we only provide water.
You will want to bring any food/hydration with you other than water.
We allow crew at S/F and at the aid station. The aid station is only a ¼ mile walk from S/F.
Pacers are allowed after the first lap for all distances and can join/leave the runner at the S/F and aid station.
Personal canopies are allowed, spots are first come first serve. No campers. Set-up begins at 5am Saturday and packet pick-up begins at 5:30am Saturday.

Awards and Buckles

We hand out medals to all 25k, 50k, and 100k finishers. 100 mile finishers will receive a buckle. New for this year will be awards for the top 3 male and female finishers in all distances. You must start at the designated start time to be eligible for the top awards.

Start Times and Cut-Offs

100 mile and 100k events will start Saturday September 28th at 6:30am. The 50k event will start on Saturday September 28th at 1pm, and the 25k event will start Saturday 28th at 8am.
All runners must be finished by 2:30pm on Sunday September 24th. This gives the 100 mile and 100k runners 32 hours to finish their distance and the 50k runners have a 25:30 window of time to finish.
NOTE: While the events start at a particular time, the runner does not have to start at the event start time. For example, if you are signed up for the 25k or 50k but can’t make it to the event until Saturday evening, you can start late.. You only need to be finished by 2:30pm on Sunday.
50k and 25k runners can not start early. New for this year - No Sunday starts. All runners must start their distance by midnight Saturday evening. Note: To receive a top finisher award, you must start at the assigned start time.

Park Rules

Hindsight 100 takes place on Dixon Park District property. Please respect the park property and its visitors. The park is open during our event and we need to be kind and courteous to other park visitors. You must follow Park District Rules. RUNNERS: You are responsible for you and your crew while on Park Property. Anyone caught disrespecting Park property and or event staff will be removed and the runner will be DQ’d and will receive a DNF. While this is a ‘grassroots’ event, we do not want to jeopardize our ability to host this event in the future.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the challenge and enjoy your run!

Event's current local time: 1:36 PM CT


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