Saturday, Aug 31, 2024

Creede Mountain Run

200 Loma Ave

Creede, CO 50K, 22 Miler, 12 Miler, 2 Miler

Registration closes: Wed, Aug 28 @ 11:59PM MT

22 Miles in Creede's Historic Mining District

¨ The 22-mile run will start in Creede (8,852’ in elevation) and will leave the main course at Allen’s Crossing (10,500’) and top out near the 11-mile mark along the Continental Divide (12,500’ in elevation) before rejoining the main course.
Runners must be at Allen’s Crossing in 1.5 hours to continue on the 22 mile course. After this time all runners will be directed to the 12 mile course.

50k In Creede's Historic Mining District

The 50k follows the Main Course of the 22 Mile Run
50k runners will leave the 22 Mile Main Course at Oso Creek Cutoff (TR 787) and follow the trail to the top of Miners Creek. The course follows Miners Creek (TR 803) down to the Sunnyside Cutoff (FR 517) where it then picks up the Main Course with FR 504. At Bea McClure Drive you'll run past the Historic Sunnyside Chapel and follow the trail into town.
50k runners have 5 HOURS to reach the Oso Creek Cutoff (TR787). Otherwise will be directed to continue on the 22 Mile Course.
The complete 50k course cut off time will be 10 HOURS to finish.
Good luck!

Event's current local time: 7:26 PM MT


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