Saturday, Nov 23, 2024 @ 8:00 AM

Circle Endurance Event 3, 6, 12, 24 Hour

29 Tiger Trail

Ringgold, GA Circle 24, Circle 12, Circle 6, 3 Hour

Registration closes: Wed, Nov 20 @ 11:59PM ET


Welcome to the 2nd Circle Series Event hosted at the wonderful Ringgold High School in Ringgold GA.

The Circle Event Series is brought to you by the Race Directors of the Mad Backyard Ultra, Locomotion Endurance Event, and the ER 50. The 24-hour running track race is an endurance event where participants aim to cover the maximum distance possible within a 24-hour period. Runners circle a track continuously, taking breaks as needed, with the goal of completing as many laps as they can within the time limit. This grueling event tests runners' physical and mental stamina, requiring strategic pacing, nutrition management, and mental fortitude to push through fatigue and clock in as many miles as possible. Participants often experience physical and emotional highs and lows throughout the race, making it a challenging yet rewarding test of endurance.

Event Information

Runners are responsible for their food and water. Volunteers will provide an aid station with drinks and snacks, but it is the responsibility of the runner to make sure they have enough food and hydration to sustain them throughout the event.
This is a cup-free event and participants will need to bring their hydration systems. Littering on the course will subject you to disqualification
Final results will be calculated based on the number of total laps completed by the time limit. If you are struggling at any point, race officials have the right to evaluate you, and it will be their call if you will be allowed to continue. These decisions will be made with your safety and desire to finish in mind.
Runners may have crew support every lap. The crew must stay in the designated area in the infield of the track near the start line. Pacers will not be allowed unless they are registered participants.
Runners will be credited for .25 Miles per lap completed. Your watch will most likely show you doing 1-2 miles more than this due to the nature of track running. Please expect your watch mileage to be higher than your track mileage!
Courtesy Rules: All runners have the right to the inside lane, yes even "slow" runners. You're fast, congratulations. It's your duty to run around other runners safely! If you are in the inside of lane 1, stay as far inside as possible so other runners may pass you also while utilizing lane 1. In other words don't run in the middle of lane 1. Finally, since runners will need to be able to easily pass other runs, please do not buddy up and run/walk side by side in the inside lanes and create a wall. Running should be done single file. If you need to buddy up, please take it to an outside lane (5 or 6).
Runners will be allowed to bring gear, nutrition, etc. for their own "pit area". You can set up a small tent but absolutely NO TENT STAKES. This is a turf venue so you will need to weigh down any tents.


Top 3 Male / Female in each distance, along with Top Male / Female Masters, Top Male / Female Grandmasters.

Special Awards for the following Participants:
6 hour - 50K
12 hour - 50 Miles
24 Hour - 100 Miles


Lodging -
Holiday Inn Express - 38 Vining Circle Ringgold GA 30736
Tru Hilton -5500 Alabama Highway Ringgold GA 30736
Super 8 - 5400 Alabama Highway Ringgold GA 30736
Avid - 50 Credit Union Way Ringgold GA 30736

Event's current local time: 2:14 AM ET
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