Sunday, Jul 28, 2024 @ 9:00 AM

Trail Jamboree

4352 State Road 23

Dodgeville, WI Last Person Standing

Registration closes: Sun, Jul 28 @ 8:45 AM CT

Date, Time, Location

Date: 7/28/2024
Check In: 8:00am-8:45am
Race Start: 9:00am
Race End: Last Runner Standing
Address: 4352 State Road 23, Dodgeville, WI 53533

Trail Jamboree

This last person standing pop-up event will take place on a two mile looped course. All participants will start each lap at the same time and must be back to the corral before the next lap starts or they are eliminated. But here is the twist.....the further you go the faster you have to run to beat the clock. You will have 30 minutes to complete the first lap. We will then decrease the time limit by 1 minute every lap until only 1 person successfully completes all laps under the time limit.

Lap 1 = 30 minutes (15 min mile)
Lap 2 = 29 minutes (14:30 min mile)
Lap 3 = 28 minutes (14 min mile)


-All participants will start each lap at the same time.
-You have a set time to complete each lap, starting with 30 minutes and decreasing by 1 minute each lap.
-Runners coming in after the allotted time limit for that lap will be eliminated.
-You must be in the starting corral at the start of the next lap when the cowbell rings. Crew tent/restrooms/on the course do not count as the starting corral.
-3 minute warning until the next lap=3 whistle blows
-2 minute warning until the next lap=2 whistle blows.
-1 minute warning until the next lap=1 whistle blow
-The winner is declared when there is only 1 person left who has successfully completed all laps under the allotted time limit per lap.
-If no participant successfully completes the final lap, there will be no winner for this year.

Aid Station

Within the starting corral, there will be a basic aid station with sweet & salty snacks, hydration, nutrition products, and cooling towels. There will be a drop bag area where participants can set up a chair and small cooler. Restrooms will also be available in this area.

Crew Tents

Crew tents will be set up in a designated area near the start corral on a first come first served basis. Crew tent spaces are limited so please opt in for a tent space at registration. The space will be a 10x10' plot of grass with all equipment needing to be provided by the participant. There will be a large participant area set up for drop bags, chairs and coolers if you do not have a crew tent

Course Detail

Length: 2 Miles
Terrain: Mostly prairie grass paths with some double track and gravel access road mixed in.
Elevation Gain: ~250 ft per lap

Event's current local time: 8:25 PM CT
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