Saturday, Jun 1, 2013 @ 7:00 AM

Run for Aurora

Roxborough State Park

Roxborough, CO 50K, 50 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 1, 2013


Take in the stunning trails of Roxborough State Park, including dramatic red-rock formations, distinct plant communities, and a host of wildlife ranging from black bears to mule deer, while running to benefit the Aurora Theatre Victims! The course consists of a 10 mile loop trail, with a mix of technical trail and graded dirt track. Runners will be challenged with 1000 foot elevation gain in the first 5 miles, then will be rewarded with some stunning views of Roxborough park, and descend back through grassy meadows to the main aid station and completion of the first loop. Runners will then head out on graded park road for the second loop of the course, and easy 2 mile loop offerring picturesque views of the park's magnificent red rock formations. Using a cloverleaf pattern, runners will pass aid stations fully stocked with water, Enduralytes, HEED, fruit, bagels, cake, cookies, soda, and a host of other goodies, 3 miles and 7 and 10 miles into the course. (Runners will pass this aid station several times as the loop is run a total of 5 times. The aid station also operates as a drop station for runners own drop bags. The race cutoff (for both races) is 12 hours, and last loop cutoff is at 5 pm.

Event's current local time: 5:18 AM MT


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