Saturday, Jun 22, 2013

Silver City Endurance Runs

Silver City, ID 30K, 50K, 100K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 22, 2013


100k & 50k Runners: Please note some changes to the courses - maps are on the website on the respective course pages.

Capping at 200 with no waitlist. NO REFUNDS will be given starting May 1st. 

Don’t miss Idaho’s first real 100k in the spectacular hills surrounding the historic mining town of Silver City, Idaho. On this tremendously diverse and beautiful course, the scenic vistas are unparalleled. Junipers, aspens, wildflowers, evergreens, rock outcroppings, sage, and mine tailings make this run beautiful and unique. A few climbs make the run challenging, but overall the courses are quite runnable, composed of 100% dirt surfaces on doubletrack ATV trails and some 4WD truck roads. The race begins just outside of Silver City (elev. 6100′); 100k runners traverse from a high at Hayden Peak (8400′) to a low around ~5600′. The miners had their turn in these hills…now it’s yours.

This race is part of the Idaho Trail Ultra Series! Details at

Elevation and Start Times


Start: 4:00 am
Elev. Gain: ~15,000'

Start: 7:00 am
Elev. Gain: ~8000'

Start: 9:00 am
Elev. Gain: ~4500'

Race Capacity

Due to our desire to work with various entities and ensure the most quality race possible, we are capping the race at 200 people total.

Pacers and Cutoffs

    100k Cutoffs: The 100k will have strict cutoffs, but they have not been determined yet. 100k runners will have more time than last year, allowing at least 20 min/mile average. Please read the website for details on cutoffs. 
    Pacers are allowed in the 100k from the mid-point on. No pacers are allowed in the 50k or 30k.

Parking and Carpooling

    Silver City is a 2 hour drive from Boise, Idaho; about 1.5 hours from Nampa. Please carpool if at all humanly possible because parking will be really tight! Park and ride share locations would be the Nampa Rec Center or Murphy, Idaho. Please do not park in the town of Silver City before the race. We will be directing you where to park.


      Lodging options near the start are…camping. If you do not want to camp, you will need to make the drive out from Nampa or Boise the morning of the race, which is what we recommend for 50k and 30k runners. If you do plan on camping, plan on bringing a small tent at most. There is disbursed (free, unestablished) camping all over the place out there if you get off the main road onto some of the side roads, and also along the river on Jordan Road (the road that intersects with Silver City Road about a mile before the town). There are no established camping areas or facilities, and none will be arranged by race management.There will be outhouses at the race start, but no public potable water facilities. There is a hotel in the town, but it is already full for nearly all of next summer and is not a lodging option. Silver City does not have power. Access to supplies will be limited to nonexistent. Plan to come with everything you need and be self sufficient. Worse case scenario, you will have to drive 25 miles back out to Murphy for any supplies you may have forgotten.

Local time: 1:27 AM


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