Saturday, Jun 1, 2013

Bernheim Trail Marathon

Louisville, KY 1/2 Marathon, Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 1, 2013


Any questions please contact the race director directly.


Both races will be a single loop course. The half marathon will run the full length of the Millennium Trail, providing a beautiful but difficult run. The Millennium will make up about half the marathon course, which will diverge into old fire roads with numerous major creek crossings.

The surface varies from forest single-track to fire road and other dirt or gravel roads, with a brief period of pavement. Numerous 200'+ climbs dot the course, but runners will also enjoy occasional period of rolling or flat terrain, as well as the runs along beautiful winding creeks and atop sharp rolling ridges.

Course Map & Elevation Chart

Well-stocked aid stations will be approximately 3-4 miles apart. We will be required to enforce a cutoff at one later aid station, in order to ensure all finishers complete the course in under eight hours. Runners must leave Aid Station #9 (mile 20) no later than 1:00 pm. Shuttles will be provided for any runners removed from the course due to these cutoff times.

Due to the logistics of the course and the degree of single-track involved, as well as other National Trails Days events happening at Bernheim, we will limit entries to 250 runners.

No dogs or other pets will be permitted on the course for either race for safety of all participants.

Local time: 4:57 AM


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