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Saturday, Aug 31, 2013 @ 5:00 AM

The Punisher Endurance Run

Mill Valley, CA

Tahoe City, CA 100 Miler, 100K

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 31, 2013


**** CANCELED ****

Unfortunately due to the smoke hovering over the Tahoe Basin we must cancel this event. We thank the 3700+ fire fighters currently fighting the RIM fire the best of luck and hope they return safely once the fire is contained.   

**** CANCELED ****

The Punisher Endurance Run 100K and 100 Mile is hosted in the Tahoe Rim Trail and situated entirely within the Tahoe, Toiyabe and Humboldt National Forest. The route is comprised of majority single track multiuse winding from peak and pass, dirt roads and trails that create a point-to-point course.

The route starts at the Big Meadows and finishes at the popular Tahoe City.

Participating in the event is fully voluntary and optional if runners wish to publish the result. Access to your supply and drop bags are easy tasks. Safety runners are recommended for the entire course but the runner also have the option to have safety runners pick up at major trailheads.

The Punisher Endurance Run 100K and 100 Mile course is conveniently accessible for crew support with minimal driving.

Starting in the Big Meadows Trailhead, Luther Pass (89), runners will traverse north easterly to Armstrong Pass, winding to Kingsbury Grade and Spooner. Lots of scenic vistas and altitude to gain, with Mt Rose as its highest point, from there a moderate pass to Brockway before ending the run to celebrate in Tahoe City. Runners and support crew will experience the stunning and rugged topography of the Sierra.

Weather can change from cold to wet fog to soaring afternoon temperatures into the 80s.
The Punisher Endurance Run 100K and 100 Mile, runs along the Lake Tahoe trail and is an exceptionally difficult, ultimately memorable 100-mile trail running experience.

Race Information

The race itself is self-supported run but results are recorded and will be officially published.

100 Mile participants

Cut-off time, for the 100M, at the Finish Line is 40 hours (TRT-Tahoe City TH) from start time.

100KM participants

Cut-off time, for the 100K, at the Finish Line is 26 hours (TRT-Tahoe Meadows TH) from start time.

Race starts in Big Meadows then take the trail northeasterly bound.

Registration Discount

A $35 discount is available if you are already a member of TRTA. Kindly email the RD to get this code.

Major Trailheads & Aid Stations

The trailheads and its approximate distance (in miles)

Big Meadows - Mile 0
Kingsbury South - Mile 23
Spooner Summit - Mile 40
Tahoe Meadows - Mile 63
Brockway Summit - Mile 83
Tahoe City - Mile 103

GPX Files of the course can be downloaded here (Right click and choose Save As):

100 Mile Course (Big Meadows To Tahoe City)

100K Course (Big Meadows to Tahoe Meadows)

The following website is a great tool to load the GPX route and view the distance and elevation data.  Once you've saved the above GPX files to your computer, go to the below website and select the option "Load Route", and browse to the location on your computer where you saved the GPX files.  





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The race cost is generally "free", but you are required to make a donation to Tahoe Rim Trail Association $35 for membership, tax deductible.

There are two ways to register:

(a) Preferably directly apply your membership to TRTA  website https://mondonate.resultsplus.org/donationTemplate.aspx?site=TRTA&AMOUNT=100&FUND=GOF&COM=Y&CAMP=MEM

Email the RDs for the discount code.

(b) or Sign up through in this event by paying $40 (total), once the funds is received, we will apply membership for you.

Ultra Signup has administrative cost of $5 (not tax deductible) and should not be included in your claim for tax deduction.

Race Day

The Punisher Endurance Run 100 and 100K will be held on Saturday, August 31, 5AM at TRT Big Meadows Trailhead, in the Town of Meyers. From US Hwy 50, make turn at Luther Pass, left at Big Meadows Trailhead. If you reach the junction 88, then you miss the Trailhead.

The name Punisher refers to the segment of TRT, Kingsbury South to Big Meadows. It is the most scenic trail of the entire TRT 165 miles. Particular landmarks are Carson Valley lookout, Star Lake, Armstrong Pass and Sierra Crest lookout. If you have not traverse this segment, then you have not done, what is famously called "the punisher".

Course Information

100 MILE
Distance is approximately over 100 to 105 miles. There are major trailheads in between for your crew and safety runners access with minimal driving. The logistics of your drop bags and re-supply are your sole responsibility and can be done at major trailheads. There are access in between trailheads and will be publish to the same website.

Distance is approximately over 63 miles. There are major trailheads in between for your crew and safety runners access, with minimal driving. The logistics of your drop bags and re-supply are your sole responsibility and can be done at major trailheads. There are access in between trailheads and will be publish to the same website.

Race Rules


100k entrant(s) must be 18 years or older on Saturday, the race day

100m entrant(s) must have completed a trail race of 50 mile or over within the last 18 months.



Entrants are required to show a photo ID at check-in (driver’s license, passport etc.) Each entrant must personally check themselves unless you registered with group discount.

Race recommendation:

 - minimum 3 liters of water with electrolytes or more
Bring filtering system (there are water source along the way)
Bring lots of food, there are no stores nor vending machine along the way, hunting is not allowed
Bring layers, temperatures at night drop to freezing
- Bring extra shoes, socks, sun block, first aid, etc


Support Crews & Safety Runners

Support Crews

We strongly suggest you bring someone to crew for you during the race. Your crew is your personal responsibility. Parking is available at every trailheads. Crew access into aid stations may be limited. If crews are meeting you at aid stations, they should allow adequate time to park and walk to the aid station. Crews should become familiar with the locations of aid stations, available access roads and race rules prior to the start. Crewing is restricted to declared trailhead locations.


Safety Runners

Safety Runners are allowed all throughout the course (in the future this may not be allowed). You may have as many safety runners as you wish until mile 99 (in the future this may not be allowed). Safety Runners may be picked up only at aid stations and approved crew points. The primary duties of a safety runner include route finding, keeping the runner on alert, ensuring that the runner continues to eat and drink and making sure the runner leaves the aid stations with adequate clothing and supplies to reach the next aid station. Safety runners are not allowed to push, pull, carry or tow the runner. 


Both Runners and Safety Runners are allowed to carry trek poles. Muling is encouraged during the whole duration of the race (in the future muling may not be allowed).


Mandatory safety equipment

Mandatory Safety Equipment
All participants must provide and carry the following safety equipment with them:

  • Waterproof and windproof jacket with hood – (gortex, pertex, entrant, japara, nylon)
  • Waterproof and windproof pants – (gortex, pertex, entrant, japara, nylon)
  • Spare long sleeved thermal top and long johns (not “skins” or equivalent)
  • Beanie/hat
  • Windproof and waterproof gloves
  • Waterproof map of the area & compass or GPS (Knowledge of how to use them in both day
  • and night conditions).
  • Lighter or waterproof matches
  • Whistle
  • First Aid kit including
    • Emergency space blanket/bag
    • Personal First aid requirements, bandaids, antiseptic, painkillers etc
    • 10cm elastic bandage
  • Mobile phone (1 per solo runner / 2 per team – Verizon provides the best coverage)
  • Spare batteries (plus spare batteries for GPS)
  • Food – for the run and emergency food if lost


Ancillary Equipment

  • bivi bag
  • Camera
  • Sleeping bag and mat (with support crew)
  • Stove/billy etc (with support crew)
  • Spare Clothing (with support crew)



Weather in Tahoe could change from heatwave to sub zero conditions during the night run with strong winds, giving a varied wind chill factor. Please prepare well for the night section or be prepared for a DNF.


Local time: 8:49 AM