Saturday, Oct 18, 2014

Frary Peak Hill Climb

Antelope Island, UT 10K

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 18, 2014


So, the Frary Peak Hill climb is a new race on the island.  Basically you run up the Frary Peak Trail, touch the radio repeater near the summit, then run back down.  But there’s a little twist, it’ll be a time trial type start.  We’ll start 1-2 people every minute.  The reason for this is that first, it’s something a little different, and second, the trail is so narrow, that in order to accommodate 50-75 people, we have to do it this way.  Plus, there’ll be tourists and hikers on the trail and a huge herd of runners bearing down on them may scare them a bit.   Here’s a link to the route.
It’s just under a 10K and I guarantee that you won’t PR unless it’s your first 10K.

Race Check-in

At the main gate parking lot from about 7:00-8:30am the day of the race.  I’ll have day of race entry as well, but if you wait until the day of to register, you may not get one of those nifty cool shirts.  And they are nifty cool.

Local time: 3:54 AM


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