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The CYA 100 (Cool your Ass) and the 6/12/24 hours runs will take place on July 11th and 12th in beautiful and cool Prescott, AZ! This will be our second time putting on this event and it will include a 100 mile race with a 32 hour cutoff, a 24 hour run, your choice of 2 different 12 hr races and 3 different 6 hour races! You will be asked which 12hr or 6hr race you would like to run in at the time of registration.

All of the races will take place on the beautiful Brownlow Trail in Pioneer Park in Prescott, AZ. The 6 hour races will take place only on the 3.15 mile loop with one main aid station at the start/finish line and an unmanned water only table at the mid-point of the loop. However, we will give the 12hr, 24hr and 100 milers the option to sign up to run a much more technical 6.08 mile loop (see below).

The 6, 12 and 24 hour events are all a “go as you please” format, meaning you may run or rest when you choose, however the 100 mile event will have a strict 32 hour cut off.

All runners will be able to keep a bag next to the main aid station tent at the start finish line aid station tent. In addition the use of any tables and chairs set up will be on a first come, first serve basis.

All runners will receive a goodie bag and shirt.

No pacers are allowed.

Buckles will be given out to all runners completing the 100 mile race within the cutoff time and to all runners reaching 100 miles in the 24 hour race.

Completion Dog tags will be awarded to all runners upon the finish of their selected event.

Awards will be given to the overall male and female winners in the 100 mile, the 24 hour, the 12 hour (combined races) and the 6 hour (combined races) events. A small award ceremony and BBQ will be held at 3 pm on July 12th.

6 hr races

As stated there will be 3 different 6 hour races for you to chose from - all of which will only be held on the 3.15 mile loop -
Option #1 will start at 7am on July 11th
Option #2 will start at 2pm on july 11th
Option #3 will start at 7am on July 12th

there will only be one overall Male and Female winners of the 6 hour races however the winners of each option will get a niffy little prize.

12 hour races

As stated there will be 2 different 12 hour races for you to chose from (and you will have the option to run on either the 3.15 mile loop or the technical 6.08 mile loop) -
Option #1 will start at 7am on July 11th
Option #2 will start at 8pm on july 11th

there will only be one overall Male and Female winners of the 12 hour races however the winners of each option will get a niffy little prize.

100 miler option....

3.15 mile loop or 6.08 mile technical loop....
This just in... all runners signing up for the 100 mile event will have their choice of running on either the Short and Sweet 3.15 mile beautiful loop or the Tough & Technical 6.08 miler(known as the Green Loop trail route).... the choice is yours... however there will be no dropdowns allowed from the 6.08 mile loop to the 3.15 mile loop once the race has begun.... Please choose wisely....BWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!
Those running on the 3.15 mile loop will run 32 loops for a total of 100.80 miles.
Those running on the 6.08 mile loop will run 17 loops for a total of 103.36 miles (its like getting a free 5k!!) - of note... you will reach the unmanned water table at mile 4.33 of the 6.08 mile loop.

Special Announcement

Solemates' Ultra Running Events will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Heritage Middle School XC & Track Team, the Chino Valley XC & Track Team and The Prescott High School Athletics Department.

Help us help keep Arizona's kids running!!!

We will also be doing a shoe collection/drive for the kids!!!


This menu is subject to change (as this is last year's menu)... however this is the likely menu/food service schedule...

In addition to a full aid station of regular snacks and drinks we will offer the following to all runners as they participate:

Day 1 - July 11th

Lunch (served from approximately 11am-1pm) -

Grilled meat & Cheese Sandwiches
--- ham, turkey, regular & vegan cheese

Fruit cups

Veggie and hummus

Snack (approximately 2-4pm)

Supper (approximately 6-8pm)

Chili (both meat and veggie options)

Hot soup and ramen

Day 2 - July 12th

Early morning (approximately 4-5am) - Either pancakes or french toast sticks

Breakfast (approximately 7-9am) - Breakfast Burritos -- Bacon, egg & cheese; vegan sausage & cheese; and egg & cheese

Lunch (approximately 11am-1pm) - Wraps -- meat, cheese, veggies

BBQ/awards ceremony (approximately 3pm) - Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, and leftovers

Runner's family and friends can buy a meal at the BBQ for $5


Would you like to volunteer at this event and earn race credits towards a future solemates event or for a spouse, family member or friend? Please check out the link below when added....

t-shirt sizes

shirt sizes cannot be guaranteed after 6/30/2015

NO pets allowed

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