Saturday, Oct 11, 2014
This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 11, 2014

About the Night Owl 5K/10K

The Night Owl 5K/10K will feature the Twin Cities only lit 100% trail course. The grass and dirt Lake Elmo Park Reserve ski trails are wide and very runnable.

Covid-19 Status

Races are once again taking place in Minnesota and more and more people are getting vaccinated so we are optimistic that the 2021 Night Owl races will happen. Since optimism is not sufficient for holding the race, registration will not open until June. By June, we will have seen a number of races and should have a better idea of how the Night Owl Races should proceed.

About the Doug Allen Memorial 6 Hour Shuffle

The Doug Allen Memorial 6 Hour Shuffle course will be a loop trail on the grassy/dirt trails of the Lake Elmo Park Reserve Ski trails. The start/finish area will be near the Nordic Center. The course offers rolling hills through woods and prarie. You will run/walk the loop until you are no longer able to complete a loop in the time remaining. You will then do a short course in which the distance will be marked each time you return to the start/finish area until the air horn blows at the 6 hour mark.

The 2021 Night Owl Races are sanctioned by USA Track & Field.

Local time: 10:01 PM


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