Saturday, Feb 7, 2015
This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 7, 2015

Course Route / Map

See the Frozen Few 10k course route and topo map here! Just cut and paste:


Tough, hilly, mountainous, rope climbs, natural and man made obstacles. Multi-lap mid day event. Difficult climbs, fast and dangerous descents. Some off trail single track in the bush. Shallow stream crossings/hiking. This is not smoke and mirrors, it's the real deal. Now we add the extra challenge of cold temps, and with any luck some snow and ice and a top-notch wind from the North.

Runners continually rank the difficulty of our SEAL events FAR beyond other popular adventure races. This is not smoke and mirrors…this is no hype… this is the real deal. Pre-registration field is limited to 200… you are not just a number, or one in a thousand or so runners with us… you become family at this one of a kind event. Hosted, developed, and managed by a career retired US Navy SEAL. 65 private acres of jeep, ATV, and hiking trails wind participants through woods, up across mountain tops, slog runners through creeks and up against natural and man made obstacles. This continues to be a course like no other, and we change it up EVERY time we host an event. Never the same course twice! Come prepared to get dirty, wet, muddy, sweaty, and tired! Have questions? Email: or Just call Dan (423)200-9935
NOTE: Each participant MUST have proper winter clothing (ie both running gear AND emergency thermal layers available). Please, look at the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Winter injuries or death can occur, this is no joke. If you don't know anything about physical exertion in freezing temps, either do your homework or sit this out!

Local time: 5:49 PM


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