Saturday, Nov 14, 2015 @ 8:00 AM

Azalea 12/24 Hour

1600 Twigg St.

Palatka, FL 50 Miler, 24hrs, 12hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 14, 2015

Cancelled Event



**It is with much sadness that we have to announce the cancellation of this year's Azalea Races.

We have worked, as hard as we could, post Hurricane Irma, to bring our beloved Ravine Gardens State Park back after the storm. Unfortunately, due to a massive landslide, dozens of fallen trees and countless other damages to the course, the park has closed the loop completely, until further notice. Experts have
worked countless hours to bring the park back to health, but the current issues are too great. And your safety, is our #1 concern.

These past few weeks have been very difficult for our race staff and we wish to thank everyone for reaching out to us with so much love and support during this difficult time.

While we will truly miss all of you this year, we look forward to an exciting 2018 race at the Ravines!

Love, Winston & Tim

**all registered runners will be deferred to next year's race**

The Ravine State Gardens is a special window into the Florida’s natural history. Originally created by the St. Johns River and established and maintained as a state park since 1933, the ravines are the 146-acre home to dogwoods, azaleas, alligators, fox, otters, and numerous bird species. The 2 miles of paved road that follow the ravine’s natural descent are gorgeous and peaceful. During a cool night in November and December, there is no better place in the area to view the stars.

Local time: 11:43 PM


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