Saturday, Oct 24, 2015

Sasquatch Trot

10010 Statesville Rd

Watertown, TN 13 Miler, 6 Miler, 2 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 24, 2015


Date – 10/24/2015 13 and 6 miles - Race starts at 10am
Children's Pumpkin Patch Race 1pm - Distance 2 miles (TBD)
Cut off time for all adult races is 2:00pm
Where - 10010 Statesville Rd, Watertown, TN 37184
Packet Pick:
Day Before - 5:30pm -7pm Fleet Feet Sports on Oct 23th
6 Mile - $50
13 Mile - $55
2 mile - Kids 12 and below - $20

ONE MONTH OUT - Please register before 09/19/15 to get a shirt. All participants that sign up after this date will probably not get a shirt.

Adults Get
* Fitted Shirts (If registered before September 19th, 2015)
* Finisher Pint Glass with Sasquatch Logo
* Food
* Craft Jackalope Beer
* Awards

Kids Get:
* Fitted Shirts
* Food
* Awards

Kids Pumpkin Patch race

Pumpkin Patch Race: Ages 12 and below. We are very excited about this run as it is our first run for kids! It is important to us to have children learn about the joys of running in the wild! We are currently laying out the trail for this run. It will be between 2 miles. The trail will finish at the pumpkin patch where all kids are allowed one pumpkin. !

6 Mile

6 Mile Description: Starts out near the main house and then cuts back downhill to the creek bottom where the race started last year. This trail is complete with a historic run down an old wagon trail that use to be the only way for people to get into Murfreesboro, TN, a couple of creek crossings, a rugged bushwhack, and a sustained climb to the top of a not-so-peaceful hill. After an enjoyable creek run, the race finishes with a scenic run to the homestead finish line where delicious beverages, food, and activities await those in need. 80 percent of this run is trail with (the other 20% on gravel).

13 Mile

13 Mile Description: You first follow the 6 mile run then take a different turn when coming back through Old Statesville Road. The trail then begins a rugged, uphill bushwhack that is both technical, and physically demanding. This portion is an incredible sample of what is gained when you take the path less traveled. After about 300 feet of elevation gain, and multiple rock garden crossings, a trail appears from the ether, and runners are brought to an aid station atop Bent Tree Hill. Bent Tree Hill sits nestled in the woods, cradled in an old stonewall. A brief downhill section leads back down then back up a different portion of the mountain called Rattlesnake Hill. Do not worry about the snakes, as the majority of them are gone this time of year but do pay attention to the rope you must hold onto so that you do not fall off the side of this steep incline. Once on top its back to some new property, which is our favorite part of the run as the trail cuts fast down hill on technical terrain! Towards the end you will enjoy a nice cruise back to the finish line for a strong finish. The 13-mile is no joke so be prepared to navigate, and be challenged.


This verbose course description is reflective of my intense infatuation with this course. This course is the result of many people spending countless days to clear, establish, test, and retest the trails. Overall, the 6 mile course gains 600 feet and descends the same. The 13 mile course is closer to 2400 feet ascension and 2400 feet descent. I have run many trails, and many races, and I can honestly say this is a unique course that deviates from established routes. Enjoy! On a similar note, the concept of these races doesn't end when you cross the finish line. Equally important to the course is the time spent after the race. To bring everyone together, we are having some delicious food, tasty drinks, good people, with games, a dog run contest, slack line, craft beer, and camping next to a bonfire to those who would like to stay. This race provides you the opportunity to physically challenge yourself in a beautiful setting, or simply enjoy a great day out at the farm with great people. Please do not attempt the 13 mile course if you plan to hike it. Cut off time for all races is 2:30pm Miscellaneous Info AWARDS, & PRIZES: 6 Mile: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Overall: Male & Female 13 Mile: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Overall: Male & Female Children's Pumpkin Patch Race: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd TOP WINNERS WILL HAVE THEIR NAMES WITH TIME BURNED INTO THE SASQUATCH WOODEN POLES

Dog Race

We love dogs and want you to bring yours to come hang out for the Sasqutch Trot. The dog race takes place in an open field around 2:30pm. Dogs will be held by a volunteer that owners must find. While they are being held owners will walk across the field to finishing line. Dogs will then be released and the first one to finishing line wins some awesome treats!

Local time: 4:05 AM


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