Saturday, Aug 15, 2015 @ 10:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 15, 2015

Satan's Anus 666 Hectometer

The definition of Satan's Anus, according to Urban Dictionary, is "The hottest place in the world. Hotter than hell itself." Well, Augusta in August is fairly close to "the hottest place in the world" with the heat and humidity we experience being on the Savannah River. If you've experienced running during the summer months in the CSRA, you know how brutal it can be and what kind of toll the heat and humidity will take on your body. Combine that with a course that has no shade and hot asphalt below your feet. You'll feel like you're running through hell...

The Race

If you're brave enough, is a mix of endurance, heat, hills, humidity, no shade, black pavement, and 4 out and back loops on a 5.3 mile long path. The best part... You get to sleep in on race morning! Satan's Anus starts at 10 am on Saturday August 15, 2015. If you're lucky, you'll see a the high temperature for the day sit at a cool 95 degrees with around 90% humidity... if you're lucky...

The Course

Utilizing the new Palmetto Parkway Trail, which follow's the Palmetto Parkway extension from US Hwy 1 to Ascauga Lake Rd in North Augusta, the course is 100% paved with no direct vehicle traffic. There are multiple road crossings that you will encounter and you must obey the crossing signage/lights. There will be aid stations at the start/finish line and at the turn around point. There will also be unmanned water drops along the course. Did I mention... there is ZERO SHADE along the course!!!

The Rules:

- There is a required race morning weigh-in, no exceptions!
- All runners will be subjected to weigh-ins at each aid station, no exceptions!
- If you experience a 7% or greater body weight loss, you are removed from the race, no exceptions!
- All runners are required to carry hydration, no exceptions!
- The race has a 10 hour cut off (this equates to 2.5 hours per out and back) If you do not reach the start/finish line within the 2.5 hour mark for the current lap, you will be pulled. No exceptions!
- No transfers or refunds, no exceptions!
- NO PACERS (on foot or on bike) PERMITTED. You are to suffer on your own along the course.

There will be a race sweep and race officials on bikes riding the course regularly to check on the runners.The cut off times and required weigh-ins at each aid station will be strictly enforced. This is for your safety! If you miss the cut-off times and/or weigh-in with a 7% or greater body weight loss you will be removed from the race. So STAY HYDRATED and plan your pace accordingly!

IF you finish...

IF you finish... you will be awarded with a "I Survived Satan's Anus 666 Hectometer" decal to display proudly on your vehicle or place of race enshrinement. There will be another cool surprise for finishers, but you will have to actually finish to learn what it is. Please note, this race is paying homage to the roots of ultrarunning. No shirts, no fancy race swag, no big production of a race entrance/finish. Just a bunch of bad ass runners testing their mettle on a course designed to intimidate!

Be aware this race is not for the faint of heart and you should only register if you have adequately heat trained this summer.All registered runners will be required to list an emergency point of contact.

Welcome to Satan's Anus....

Local time: 7:41 AM


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