This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 17, 2015


The 25k and 50k course is a unique but challenging course that has something for every style of trail runner. The 50k is a two loop course that starts and ends at the base of Kelly Canyon ski slopes. The start is a half mile semi-flat start before a one mile climb to the backside of Buckskin-Morgan Ridge and turning into a double track section of trail we call "The Roller Coaster" for another 2 miles before entering the 218 dirt road. You run this slightly up hill road for just over one mile. Towards the top of Buckskin-Morgan Ridge you leave the road and enter a single track trail that will slightly climb before descending down Buckskin and back onto the 218 dirt road. Here you will come to your first aid station called the Y junction aid station and will be able to see family and friends. Leaving the Y junction aid station you will head down the 217 dirt road for an out and back. Here you will head down hill for one mile to Table Rock campgrounds and then back up to the Y junction aid station again before heading up the ski hill. You will have a short uphill run before heading back down on a nice cat track descent to the base of Kelly Canyon lift three and four. This is where the work really begins as you start the biggest climb on the course up the ski hill. You run your way up open sidehills and wooded areas while encountering switch backs along the way to the top. Once you are at the top you will be running on double track and fire roads as you proceed by the radio tower and the second aid station called Kelly Mountain Aid station. From there you will head down an Atv trail and and out and back section of the course that overlooks the entire valley and Snake River range. After enjoying gorgeous views on the out and back section you will then take a left onto a short flat section before heading down the Moose trail to the finish of the 25k and the half way of the 50k where music, food, and trail running greatness will be waiting for you!

Changing Distance

We are able to accommodate any wishes to change race distance up through the racer meeting on Friday night the day before. Please submit any wishes to change to either of our race directors Marlin Ordway and Gray Augustus.

Suport Crews/Bag Drop

The course is a 25k loop starting and ending in front of the Kelly Canyon Ski Resort Lodge. Crew support is allowed at three separate locations along the 25k loop. First is at the Y-Junction which is roughly 5 miles and then 7 miles(due to an out and back) into the loop. (parking is limited at this location but is great for viewing with the out and back) Second is at the top of lift # 4 (THATS RIGHT you can ride the chair lift up and view your runners!) This is roughly 9.5 miles into the race. Then the last and best spot is at the Lodge (halfway point) 15.6 miles into the race. A designated drop bag area will be provided at Kelly Canyon Ski Lodge No pacers will be allowed for either distance.

Bag and Number Pick up

We will have the runner bag pick up at Kelly Canyon Ski Lodge from 5:30 to 7:30 P.M. on Friday the 14th. There will be a brief MANDATORY runner meeting at 6:15 P.M. at the lodge. That evening starting at 5:30 we will be providing a free spaghetti dinner for runners and a quest at the lodge.

Runners with Benefits.....

We know whats on your mind...... Whats in it for me? -A mind blowing beautiful course with views that are simply awesome. -Access to brand new trails on a private mountain -Huge amount of on course support to make your day great! -Live band as you finish -Long sleeve runner tech shirts, shred the mountain beanies, reusable Ultraspire cup, bandanna, and other sweet swag. -Post race feed and fun!

Local time: 6:39 AM


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