Saturday, Jun 4, 2016

Lake to Ocean 100K

700 Canal Point

Port Mayaka , FL 100K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 4, 2016

Cancelled Event


Cancelation 2020

Sorry, this race has been canceled. I have no idea how to process refunds but I will learn. It is possible the race will be run in the fall of 2020. Let's wait and see!


This race is by invitation only. Invitations are given to previous year's runners and previous year's nominated crew.

Don't expect schwag. You'll get a fancy map at the start and a buoy if you finish under the time limit.

How to get invited: crew for a runner and then be nominated by the runner for the following year. Contact RD to find a runner to crew at

This is not a child or pet friendly race. Adults only. Bradford Lombardi is the only baby allowed.

You are responsible for yourself and your safety. If you need to be removed from the course for any reason, you need to know how to manage your own extraction (flagging down an airboat, calling 911, contacting crew). There are venomous snakes, feral pigs, bobcats, alligators on the course know what to do if you encounter them. Do not contact the RD for help.

Local time: 9:27 PM


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