Saturday, Feb 27, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Gator Trail

1866 State Park Drive

Lake Waccamaw, NC 50K

This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 27, 2016

Enquiring Minds Want To Know

For this 50k distance, you can expect 6 laps on a scenic loop of pine and oak-tree lined park trails and roads. Do the math and that is a 5 mile loop that you do six times. It is a varied enough loop terrain wise that you will not get bored until probably the third loop! For those of you who are interested in this kind of thing, course terrain is 90% trail with roots, cypress knots and possibly mud/water on trail nearest to lake. Some parts of the course are wide and sandy or pine-straw covered firm footing. 7% is on asphalt park roads connecting trails and through the lap counting area at Visitiors Center. 3% over boardwalk over the swamp. Recent rain may cause puddles and/or mud on trails. Plan accordingly - however the part of the trail that CAN become muddy is a very small section of the loop. Some of the trail is primitive and more challenging footing wise. Roots and branches may cause you to fall. This is a trail run even if an easier, non technical trail, so please don't act surprised or complain to me about the roots when you get there. :-) I myself have easily ran this race several times and have only fallen a hand full of times. As clumsy as I am, that says a lot. Mind your feet, you will be fine. Will you need gaiters for this race (see the pun there?) ? I never wear them but there is some sand and pine straw in a section and some people find it beneficial. Did I also mention that there is no elevation gain? Oh yes, that is a bonus and is yours for free !!!!

A fully stocked aid station will be at start of every loop (approx 5 miles) full of every junk food item imaginable and also some healthier options for those of us who share a love of oranges. Coffee will be present and depending on how cold it is on the day, broth/soup as well. If you need something in particular, email me and ask me, I may get it for you depending how diva of a request it is.

Also water, candy, unicorns and anything else the RD deems necessary on race day will be available approx every 2 miles at an unmanned aid area. This may or may not include He-Man's Power, Pixie Dust, Mo-Money Mo-Problems, Tom-Foolery and/or Hi-Jinx. This is a very low key event and complaining and whining are not allowed as this is Ultra Running. I will allow crying, but only in extreme cases and always if it involves your knees. Come expecting to have a good time, leave with (hopefully) a 50k PR and a love for the hip-hop artist, Drake.

Race Day Timeline

Saturday, February 27th, 2016 8:00am - 8:45 am - Packet pick up at park visitor center 8:55 am- Report to Race Start - Parking lot of visitor center 9:00 am- Start - Gator Trail 50k - Follow your dreams kids !!! Post run finisher awards and refreshments at Visitors Center RACE FINISH 5:00 PM

Event's current local time: 10:39 AM ET


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