Monday, Oct 3, 2016 @ 8:00 AM

San Diego Ultra Slam

San Diego, CA

This Event Took Place Mon. Oct 3, 2016

About the Slam

The San Diego Ultra Slam was established in 2012 by the Race Directors of Noble Canyon 50K, PCT 50, San Diego 100, and the Cuyamaca 100K. To be eligible for the award, participants must complete all 4 races in the calendar order they occur within one year. However, you may choose whichever race you wish to start with. Each race offers a different distance and distinct challenge to the participant, and running all four within one year represents a significant achievement. Your accomplishment will be memorialized on the SD Slam Website, and your award (embroidered finisher's jacket) will be presented to you at the conclusion of your final race in the Series.

UPDATE: Due to Covid 19 and multiple cancellations of each of the events that comprise the San Diego Ultra Slam, the following is provided for those who had completed at least one of the races of their Slam attempt, and for those who signed up to complete the Slam but never had the opportunity to complete even one of their races during the pandemic:
Entrants who have completed at least one of their races, will be allowed to complete their Slam and earn the finisher jacket award at the next opportunity they have to reenter the applicable races that they had yet to complete.

Entrants who paid for the Slam entry but lost out at entering any of the races they'd planned to run will be allowed to rollover or reenter the Slam (at no additional cost) when the pandemic restrictions have lifted and all races are again permitted.
Those who wish to reenter the Slam should contact

Slam Entry Fee

Starting November 11, 2016, entry for the San Diego Ultra Slam will be a one time cost of $25 plus the Utrasignup fee. This fee partially offsets the $60 dollar embroidered finisher's jacket. Anyone who wants to participate in the Slam and receive the jacket will be required to signup on this registration page. If you want to forego the finisher's jacket and still participate in the Slam, your finish will still be annotated on the San Diego Ultra Slam web site results page but you will not receive a jacket.

Local time: 4:46 AM
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