This Event Took Place Sun. Apr 30, 2017


WE ARE BACK!!!! 2014 at Camp Ocoee was AMAZING. 2015 at The Crash Pad with TNF Athlete Diane Van Deren was AMAZING. We cannot wait to show all the awesomeness of the 2019 R/C Women's Trail Running Summit sponsored by The North Face on May 2nd-5th. The Rock/Creek Women’s Trail Running Summit will bring together a dedicated group of female runners who share a passion for running, the outdoors, and the promotion of an active lifestyle in their own communities. This event will be for everyone...from the beginner to the seasoned trail runner. Mileage will be determined according to ability, with short runs in the 4 to 6 mile range and longer around 10 to 18 miles. The purpose of this weekend is for participants to inspire and learn from one another, foster new connections, improve female participation in trail running, and become ambassadors of the sport.

The weekend will be filled with exploring the trails around Chattanooga, with runs to be held on the beautiful, lush trails of Signal Mountain, Prentice Cooper, Cumberland Trail, and the new Ritchie Hollow Trail.

The summit will be based out of The Pot Point Cabin overlooking the TN River with the option to stay in the cabin or to stay in a tent provided by The North Face. You will have catered meals, a night out in Chattanooga, and a swag bag with great products. And who knows, you may meet an elite athlete or two!? Come run, paddleboard, practice yoga, strength train, and meet some fantastic women with The North Face and Rock/Creek!

Dreama Campbell, Ginny Kelly, and Katie Outlaw with support from other local female runners as well as the staff and associated vendors of Rock/Creek will be your guides on this memorable weekend.


$350 Main House
$300 Camping (tent provided)
$275 Local (no accommodations needed)

Local time: 4:46 PM

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