Friday, Apr 1, 2016 @ 6:00 PM
This Event Took Place Fri. Apr 1, 2016


How many times can you circle A Mountain? Starting at 6pm in the evening you will depart from the Monte Vista Lot and proceed to do as many laps around A Mountain as possible.

We are looking at having a grill out an pretty much hanging out for 24hrs drinking beer and having a good time. The great thing about this run though is you are not required to be there for the entire 24hrs. If you want to run one lap on saturday morning that's cool with us. If you want to take a 3hr break in between loops, we're down. If you want to stay the entire thing that's cool with us as well. If you want to come out and drink beer at the parking lot for the entire 24hrs that's pretty awesome.

You come out and do what you want to do!

The course will circumnavigate A Mountain and is approximately 4 miles long with 300ft of elevation climb. It will be marked with with flags and chalk. There will be trash cans at the course HQ but none on the course therefore absolutely NO LITTERING on the course. The course will be a washing machine loop meaning you will rotate which way you take the course after every time you complete a loop.

Since this is a Beer Soaked Event we will have a few categories:
Beer Lap - One Beer must be drank before every lap.
Regular Joe - Same as the Beer Lap just with no beer.

For those who want to advance in rank through Beer Soaked there will be plenty of oppurtunity out there to do it:
1 Lap & 1 Beer - Basic Member
2 Laps & 2 Beers (Total) - Intermediate Member
6 Laps & 6 Beers (Total) - Advanced Member
12 Laps & 12 Beers (Total) - Epic Member

So if you are completely new to Beer Soaked, came out, and did 12 laps and 12 beers you can finish with an Epic Membership. See link below for membership description.


-The run will start at 6:00pm Friday.

-There will be plenty of parking and camping spots. They are a little weird about camping fires but we'll have something set up.

-You will always finish a loop back where you started so if you want to take a 5min or 5hr break in between loops that's cool with us.

-Runners can bring a shirt that we will spray paint the kickass Beer Soaked logo on.

-This is not an official event in any way shape or form. You are responsible for yourself. Therefore, if you plan on drinking please bring a designated driver with you. Also, please watch yourself. this is a trail course with the possible consumption of alcohol.

-Of course you must be 21 years or older to participate in this run with beer but if you would like to just come out and do a fun run we encourage the hell out of it.

-There is no registration fee or form because this is nothing more than a gathering of fellow runners/drinkers to do something fun.

-Course will be marked with flour and flags to designate the course and start/finish line.

-We discourage drinking and driving (and belittle those who do) and therefore strongly recommend that you have a DD for post run. Or you can chill with us afterwards for a while to sober up.

Local time: 10:55 AM


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