Haleakala Skyline 40 mile

This is a GROUP FUN RUN... NOT A RACE. IT IS FREE but limited to 30 people. However if you wish to be part of the race you must make a $100 minimum donation to a local charity on Maui.
This may not not be your first ultra marathon distance run unless you live on Maui.

20 miles single track 8 miles road the rest is dirt/lava rock road bed.
The run starts at 3,000 ft and goes up to 10,000 ft. Then it goes back a slightly different way to end at 6,500 ft. You must secure a ride to the start and from the finish yourself. Email us for details.

We have worked all of this out however before we tell you any other details you must sign up.

The run will start at 3 am or any anytime before. Note that if event of bad weather we will do the run june 8th.
this is midweek for multiples reasons. To avoid and trail traffic, which there is never any, and to avoid weekend hunters.

1. No taking, stealing, hurting, disrespecting any rocks, wildlife, people, cars, property etc... MALAMA DA AINA guys... Respect the land!
2. You come to this race to ask Haleakala permission to run on its trails.
3. This is not a race.
4. You must be self sufficient for this run. We will collect some drop bags and need some volunteers to help with some water drops.

More info will be available soon...

History of Haleakala / run

Haleakala is translated as House of the Sun. In ancient Hawaiian folklore demigod Maui was said to capture the sun and hold it in Haleakala to slow its movement across the sky. This lengthened the days. Early Hawaiians used the Haleakala wilderness as a place for ceremonies and quests. There are certain plants and animals to inhabitat only this mountain or Mauna in Hawaiian. The true summit of highest point is called pu'u ula'ula or red hill. This is because the color the lava rock turns during the final stages of a sunset. It can be seen from around the island. The point of this run is for you to have an intimate time with Mauna Haleakala. You will start in the star and moonlight to come into many different habitats and climate zones. You will enter rain forests, then head into lava fields, back into rain forests then into giant cedars, ash trees, redwoods etc before watching vegetation die out completely. You will think you are on Mars as you wind up the mountain. You will see one of the most beautiful sunrises you have ever seen! You will see clouds forming and dancing below you. If you're lucky you'll get to run through the clouds and it'll feel as if you're flying. Run by cinder cones and old lava flows. See ferrel goats n pigs as enter higher. Feel the air grow thin, yet you feel relaxed as haleakala become you to go deeper, go higher and take in its majesty. Simply put. This might be the greatest run in the world. My goal is that this run literally changes your life.


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