Saturday, May 28, 2016
This Event Took Place Sat. May 28, 2016

Race Day

***There will be no 15k. The 15k has been cancelled.****

The 5k will start at 8:00AM. Runners may register for both events - just send us an email. The River Bend WMA is found just .25 miles south off of exit 58 on I-16.

There will be one water stop for the 5k about 1.5 miles out, the 15k will utilize the 5k water stop twice.

All runners will recieve a Dead Skunk Racing buff and some other goodies; there might be tshirts for sale.

Please continue reading for important discount codes at the bottom of this page.

The Event

***There will be no 15k. The 15k has been canceled.***

This will be the first - hopefully annual - Just Around the Bend 5/15k at River Bend WMA in Dublin, GA. The course will be mainly dirt-graveled roads and wide dirt or grass walking paths. The 5k will be a single loop, while the 15k will be two loops.

We shoudl have a "preview" run in April sometime - details will be posted on facebook.

There will be awards for overall male and female winners in both the 5 and 15k, and prizes may run into age groups depending on sponsors and donations.

Don't hesitate to email us with any questions or clarifications, or even just to say hi. Hope to see you out there!

Volunteers help make these things possible. We will hopefully have enough man-power to do this without volunteers, but if anyone wants to help out, click the volunteer button on top and we'll get in touch. (If we end up needing you, we'll hook you up with a discount at one of our future events.)

Students and active duty military can recieve a 12% discount by using the codes 'student12' or 'activeduty12'.

Local time: 2:57 AM


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