Saturday, Mar 11, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Backbone Trail Ultra

Santa Monica Mountains, CA 100 Miler, 68 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 11, 2017


Pre-Registration Opens 9/27 12:01am. Stunning 68-mile ridge line romp across the full length of the Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail or try your hand a the 100 miler. Brought to you by All We Do Is Run, Coyote Cohorts, and their extended community of giddy volunteers.


All We Do I Run maker of Born to Run, Red Rock and 9 Trails plus Coyote Cohorts, the loose brains and competent muscle behind Coyote Two Moon, Coyote FourPlay, and Cajun Coyote, proudly announce the Backbone Ultra, the only official ultra-running event covering the full length of the Backbone Trail in southern California's Santa Monica Mountains.

A vision for hikers and runners for over 50 years, this completed 68-mile ridge line trail rewards intrepid (or is that foolhardy?) runners with gorgeous Pacific Ocean views along sage-scented single track. The point-to-point course starts at Will Rogers State Park and meanders up coast, collecting nearly 15,000 knee-knackering feet of elevation gain before finishing down the spectacularly scenic Ray Miller Trail. And for those who want more we will offer a 100 mile option that will have you howling for mercy as you finish this beast.

Note: this event is limited to 200 runners, and requires prior completion of at least one 50-mile or longer trail run. Additional qualifying criteria will be required for the 100 miler (see the web site for details) We'll use your UltraSignup history (or records) to confirm a good fit. When registering, you'll see "Pre-Registration" on first access; and on exit on a later screen, know that your credit card won't be billed until we do our work on this end around your fit with the event.

Local time: 11:25 AM


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