June 11 - December 4, 2016
This Event Took Place Sun. Dec 4, 2016

Sign up any Saturday

Send and email to Support@TheRunningGroup.com
Lets us know your coming out as Saturday start times vary
905 Leidesdorff St Folsom CA

Main Workout Location Starting Jun 18th

Across from Karen's Bakery
905 Leidesdorff St
Folsom, CA

About Training Program

The Running Group is a Nor-Cal premier running and walking training group. We know we are all at different levels in our training and paces and perhaps you are just starting out again after an extended break; on the other hand, you might be an advanced runner looking to get that Boston qualifier. Getting you to your next level healthy is our ultimate goal. We use a proven training program, qualified mentors, USA Track and Field Certified Coaching coupled with a giant load of enthusiasm to guide you along the way.

Program orientation starts Jun 11, 2016 at 8:00am. Hope you bring your running or walking shoes as there will be a short pace assessment following. This will assist us in placing you in the right pace group for you.

Do you have a Target Race?

Many of you have specific runs that you are training for and we have structured our training plans to incorporate some of the most popular runs during this season. If you do not find your target race on the list below, just ask and we will help you design a personal program that will incorporate the team program and also get you to your goal.

Target races:

Urban Cow Half Marathon
Folsom Blues Half Marathon
California International Marathon
San Francisco Marathon
Santa Rosa 5k/Half/Full
Marine Core Marathon

Just getting started?

Now maybe, you are looking to get started and the thought of a “race” is not to exciting. Perhaps running is not your thing yet and you want to walk your way to a healthier lifestyle. Then join us for your first steps toward a higher physical fitness level through walking or lower distance/intensity running.

Our Fitness Program Week

Mon (Usually lower intensity short walk/run)
Tues (Early evening supervised and consist of walk/running stairs, hills or track)
Wed (Rest day for almost all except for the most advanced)
Thursday (Slightly high intensity walk/run)
Saturday morning is Team day with our group pace walk/runs led by your mentors
Sunday Rest day

Final thoughts

You’ve taken your first step by just reading this, and for some that is a big step on its own. Now it is time to take the second one and joining The Running Group family. Let us train with you and assist you on your physical fitness adventure! Not to worry if for some reason you can’t make it to the 1st orientation day come to the next workout at the 905 Leidesdroff St. address and we will get you going! See you Saturday Jun 11th Folsom Lake Jr. College Track 10 College Pkwy Folsom, CA

Local time: 8:37 AM


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