Saturday, May 6, 2017

Beast for a Day

Cr-202/W Feliciana Pkwy

St. Francisville LA 12 Hour Ultra, 5.62 Miler, 6 Hour Ultra, 3hrs

Registration closes: Thu, May 4 @ 11:59PM

The Beast:

The Beast is ready for its next victims..... You think you can conquer The Beast? Prove it!!!

Run 1 Lap or 3, 6 or 12 hours (or as long as you can take the pain!) THE BEAST Trail (now officially called the West Feliciana Park Trail or something boring like that). For anyone not familiar with The Beast, it is a 5.62 mile loop with a good number of hills and a lot of tight turns. Considered one of the more technical trails in Louisiana, the Beast caters to all levels of runners. At any given position along the course, a runner is no more than a 3/4 mile walk through open grass field to S/F. Whether you want to run 2 laps are 10 this is going to be a day filled with tons of fun!
Runners must have adequate water/hydration pack (Recommended at least 24-48oz) ORANGE MUD Single or Double Barrels are a perfect fit for this course!

Start/Finish AID Station will have plenty of food, water, snacks, hydration, gu's, gels etc. along with a team ready to help you get in and out as soon as possible.
Midway AID Station will only have hydration and will be self serve.

Time Line:
Race Day Registration is AVAILABLE!
12hr Racer Signup/Check-in
5:00am - 5:45am
12hr - Start: 6:00am - Finish: 6:00pm

1 Lap Racer Signup/Check-in
7:00am - 7:45am
1 Lap - Start: 8:00am

3 & 6hr Racer Signup/Check-in
8:00am - 8:45am
3 & 6hr - Start: 9:00am - Finish: 12:00pm and 3:00pm respectively

Rules: All runners must follow the course in the correct order, breaking of the trail and skipping sections is grounds for automatic disqualification. All runners must complete each lap within a 2 hour limit. Runners must Check-in at START/FINISH when arriving and Check-out when leaving.

All Racers will receive a nice Tri-Blend Race Shirt.
Racers will be recognized for Laps Completed Only! No Age Group, Male or Female awards. This race doesn't no how to tell SEX or AGE!

Race Day Registration is NOT AVAILABLE!

$500 to $1,000 CASH Prize!!!

See if you can do it! We dare you to try…

Run the course without cutting corners

  • Obey any and all rules set forth until the race is over.

    Run 11 laps within the prescribed 12 hour limit = win $500!

    Run 12 laps within the prescribed 12 hour limit = win $1000!

    Only 1 WINNER Period.
    i.e. Fastest runner to 11 laps or 12 wins. Again, ONLY 1 WINNER!
    It is doable but it won't be easy!
    The current record holder is Ondrej Blaha with 10 laps in 11hr15min...
    Also, say you ran 11 laps and would win $500 but want to attempt to double your cash and run the 12th lap, you then void winning the $500. Basically, double or nothing! High risk, High reward!

    Famous BEAST Belt:

    Think high quality wide Full Grain single piece leather belt custom branded with "BEAST" and the number of laps ran. The belt will be snapback and ready to show off your next 100miler.

    New Rules for 2017: First time runners and females that complete 7 or more Laps will get a Custom Belt. Moving forward to 2018 Males will need to run 8 laps and Females will need to run 7.

    Runners Testimonials:

    "No amount of running or training will prepare you for The Beast. You must find the beast in your heart and unleash it! If you want to see what you are made of then this is the ultimate test! I honestly think a most runners can do 7 Laps and earn the coveted belt. Question is....can they unleash the beast!"
    - Jason Cheek - 2x Beast Belt Claimer 7 laps in 2015 & 9 Laps in 2016

    1 Week Out SIGNUPS:

    You will most likely not get a shirt race day. Shirts will be available at Muddy Water Paddle Co. in Baton Rouge at a later date. Shipping will be available at racer's expense.

    Also, unfortunately you will not receive the unique finisher medal due to the fact that orders have to be 100+ and we ordered for 140 to start and we expanded numbers due to so much request.

    Thanks for understanding!

    Tent Camping:

    Now available! Camping is $20(CASH ONLY) per a tent to be paid to Race Director morning of the race. Honor Code people!!!

    Local time: 3:39 PM
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