Saturday, Mar 18, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Davis Two Day

203 E. 14th St.

Davis, CA 48hrs, 24hrs, 12hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 18, 2017

Our Goal

We aim to provide a well-supported, professionally managed event held at a vibrant and pleasant venue. We will strive to create an environment of mutual support and camaraderie as entrants challenge themselves mentally and physically in pursuit of their goals. This event will especially appeal to those who seek to expand into multi-day racing and those who desire to continue to compete and achieve but may no longer be able to meet the cutoffs in the mountain ultras.

About the event

The Davis Two Day is an urban ultramarathon. This is not remote like many multi-day events. It is a loop located in Community Park in the vibrant heart of Davis CA. The course is paved with the option of running on dirt shoulders or grass. Our aid/sleep station will be located indoors right next to the course and features a full kitchen and indoor restroom.

The loop is a wheel-measured 1.65 miles. There will be a plentiful variety of meat and meatless dishes available throughout the event. Soups, burgers, brats, sandwiches and much more. Also snacks, gels, bars and other typical ultra fare. Plus a few surprises!

All entrants will receive a quality track jacket and custom-designed jewelry. Those who cover 100+ miles in the 48 hours will get a buckle. The race will be limited to 25

NEW! We have added a 12 hour and a 24 hour race to the Davis Two Day 48 hour event. We are eager to provide an opportunity to more runners to experience the fast-growing timed ultra races. Suggested starting times are 9 a.m. on Saturday or 9 a.m. on Sunday. We will give entrants the option of starting at anytime convenient to them before 9 p.m. Sunday night for the 12 hour and 9 a.m. Sunday for the 24 hour. 12 and 24 hour entrants will receive a quality track jacket. 24 hour entrants who top 100 miles will be given the option to purchase a buckle for $50.

2016 Race

We are thankful to the city of Davis for their support and cooperation in putting on this event. After several unfruitful years trying to obtain a permit in Sacramento, we moved our focus a few miles down I-80 and were soon rewarded.

Race day was pleasant, 70 degrees and sunny. The mult-talented RD Faye donned her derby skates and spent the first several hours skating the course and getting to know the contestants. She was later dubbed "Race Mom" for her ability to solve everyone's issues:) Some of the younger fellows took it out fast but eventually slowed, as the race winner Eldrith Gosney put on a clinic on how to run an ultra. She was steady to 100 miles, fueling on bananas and peanut butter. Then she napped and came back out at 3 a.m. and did another 10 miles. Everyone reached their goal, they wanted 100 miles. It was a fun and epic experience for all, each contributing their own unique personality.


Are pacers allowed? Yes, there will be no restrictions on pacers.

Is the course lighted? The entire course is lit, headlamps can be used but are not needed.

Is there a place to nap? Yes, we will have an indoor area for sleeping and resting. Feel free to bring any bedding, if you are flying in for the race let us know and we will provide an air matress and blanket. The rest area is right off the course and includes flush toilets, electricity, tables and chairs and showers.

Is the course certified by the USATF? Not presently, though due to interest shown the last few weeks we will have the course USATF certified and sanctioned for next year. The course is a wheel-measured 1.65 miles.

What is the custom jewelry? Each 48 hour entrant will receive (post-race) a beautiful polished sterling silver necklace medallion in the shape of an interstate sign. Engraved will be "Davis Two Day" and the year. If desired we will engrave your name and mileage or any other message on it. This casual-wear item was designed by Patti Page and will serve as a momento of this unique experience and your physical achievement.!

What are the buckle details? The buckle is made of pewter and is photo-etched with a picture of the course. The wording is raised, as is the etching. The words are DAVIS CA top and TWO DAY on bottom. In the middle is 100 MILES. The back is smooth and can be engraved.

Local time: 11:43 AM


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